Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2013 Celtic Festival

We had such a great time with our family and friends at the 2013 Celtic Festival. It just keeps getting better every year. Despite some afternoon weather challenges, (both days), everyone made do and worked together with a wonderful Celtic spirit to keep the festival going.  The Celtic Society has taken our family in and made us feel so welcome and needed. I've enjoyed learning how to update and improve their website. Check it out at: www.neoregoncelts.com. I've added a lot of great music and pictures.
Saturday morning we started out with the Boise Highlanders piping outside the clan tents in preparation for the Clan parade.
My friend and Celtic cousin, Cora, and her family joined us for the parade and all the festivities. Her family is from Clan MacGregor, who had neighboring lands with my husband's clan, Clan Lamont. There is a wonderful story about the Lamonts and MacGregors. It is a tale of honor and hospitality. Look it up online if you have time.
The MacGregors and Lamonts marching in the clan parade. The MacKinnons are right behind us.
Our family friend, Billy, proudly represented his Irish clan.  
Michael was honored as the Chieftain of the Day. He saluted all the clans as they went past. We are all so proud of him.
I asked for a caption for this photo on Facebook and my favorite was from my friend, Jaime: "WOMAN...IF I told you once...I told you twice...get in there and make me some more Haggis...try NOT to BURN it this time....and then...while you are at it...I need my royal kilt pressed and ready for this evenings events...and then...fetch me my coffee....I'm in a hurry...snap snap..."
Billy sold wine racks and swords in his clan tent. He sold out of every single sword! Check out his new Celtic Store Northwest website for amazing prices on swords and sporrans.
Me with my lovely friend, Becky of Clan Johnston.

The Irish Dancers of Idaho
Hannah and Hailey, BFFs
My niece, Lily, and nephew, Jacob, standing in front of our Clan Lamont display.
The Gothard Sisters were amazing as usual!

Hailey, Cora Mae and Hannah were flower girls in a Celtic wedding that took place at the festival over the weekend.
The happy couple going through the arch made by the 15th Scottish Division. Love the joy in their faces and their matching tartan.
Shortly after the wedding we had a massive thunderstorm that ripped our awning loose. So we used human tent poles until we could get it fixed. 
My niece, Jessica, Josiah and nephew, Andrew, all showing off their weapons they purchased.
I can't imagine throwing this telephone pole, they call a caber!
Takin' a breather as the haggis, corned beef and cabbage are cooking.
We ended up feeding eight families Saturday night. It was so fun having our friends and family join us for a traditional Celtic meal.
Michael and I stole a moment together.
Mom and Larry helped out as volunteers at the gate and the CSEO tent. Thanks guys!!!!
Daddy's girl! Hailey had fun hanging out at the WWI 15th Scottish Division's reenactment site.

Kid's Kilted Kilometer.

Hailey throwing the hammer at the Children's Highland Games.
Hailey picked up all 4 jugs in the "Farmer's Walk "and stumbled and dropped them the whole time, but she didn't give up. She kept going until she got to the finish line. She is one determined girl!
Hailey could barely pick this thing up.
But she did!
Josiah's turn.
Hailey crossed the line when it wasn't her turn and Josiah accidentally hit her with his caber. She bled a little but was OK.
"The Queen" gave her a post card that thanked her for her determination. She explained that the woman on the post card, Heather MacDonald, is a Highland Games champion even though she isn't the biggest or the strongest, but because she had so much determination just like Hailey. When "The Queen" told Heather about Hailey, Heather said she is going to send Hailey an autographed picture. I thought that was so sweet!
Homeschool friend, Riley, doing the Caber toss.
Josiah and his friends and cousins are waiting for Billy's sword demonstration to start.
Wouldn't want to mess with Billy either. He was terrific at his sword demonstrations.
Michael got to try his hand at it, too. He showed them what a "lefty" can do!
"Good English brains!"

Our camp/Clan tent set up. We slept in the wall tent at night and hung out under the awning by day. A good time was had by all. This has been such a wonderful way to teach our kids history, art and culture in a family friendly environment. This festival is a homeschooler's dream. Thanks to all who helped make this Festival possible! We can't wait for next year!!!

Here is a wonderful video that our local newspaper put together for this event. The reporter who did this captured the essence of our festival perfectly. The kids and so many of our friends are in it, too. Please enjoy this short video:

Sixth Annual La Grande Celtic Festival and Highland Games


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

That looks like so much fun. You guys go to the neatest things. Great pictures.

aimee said...

This was awesome! Loved your costume Jackie, and the photo of the dancing had me wishing I was right there with you! The pics of the kids Highland games were very neat too--and I loved the story about Heather!
PS: I am feeling very Celtic today now! I like that:)

Becky L. said...

That sounds like a festival to attend. We went to the Civil War re-enactment at Willamette Mission State Park this year. It was fun and I got alot of photos. We know people that were there as well, which was even more fun. Maybe next year we can go. We've had 3 thunderstorms this week and that's unusual here. I enjoyed all the photos. Thanks for sharing!

Brenda said...

Love all of the pictures! Liv and I were so close to making it to the festival this year. Unfortunately, she came down with a cold the morning we were supposed to head to La Grande and she didn't feel up to going. :( Crossing my fingers that we can attend next year!

Camille said...

What an incredibly wonderful time it appears you all had! I enjoy seeing you in costume Jackie. Your outfit is so pretty. I like the caption your friend on FB came up with for the photo of you swinging the skillet at Michael...very creative. Your children are growing up soooo fast! Enjoy each and every precious day! Love, Camille

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, what a bummer, Brenda! We would have love to have seen you. I hope it works out next year. I'll be sure to save you some haggis ;)


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