Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hailey's 6th Birthday Swimming Party at Ritter Hot Springs

Trying to catch up on some summer posts. I couldn't miss Hailey's 6th birthday party at Ritter Hot Springs. She wanted a swimming birthday party so we invited my mom who also has an August birthday and some friends of ours whose daughter's birthday is near the same time. We got Hailey a "puddle jumper" and she had a ball being able to swim all over the pool by herself.
Her friends, Reese and Briella, also had them. In fact, their mom, Jodi, told me about them and I'm glad I went ahead and purchased one for her birthday.
She really loved the flipper and snorkel set from Grandma Kricket and Larry Pop.

Mom doing what she loves. A broken collarbone from a dirt bike accident in the desert didn't slow her down!
Josiah had a ball, too, of course.

Here is a picture of Ritter Hot Springs pool and the rustic hotel we stayed in. The water is the perfect temperature!
For only $30, we stayed in this very spartan, rustic hotel room at the Hot Springs. It was worth it not to have to pack all of our camping stuff for just one night.
The old Ritter General Store.
We had a birthday feast with friends. 
Hailey and Grandma Kricket.

All three of the birthday girls.
We decided to get Hailey a swimming pool cupcake cake. It didn't quite make the trip, but the birthday girls didn't seem to mind.
Hailey got a doll, handmade in Russia from our friends, the Isaaks. She just loves it and is very careful with it.

The best part of Ritter Hot Springs in the awesome diving board. The kids had so much fun on it! Even Hailey was going off it in her puddle jumper.
Can you tell Daddy had a say in Hailey's birthday gifts this year? She was thrilled to get a pink BB gun and three pink practice arrows. Also, our friends, the Carrolls, got her a case for the pink bow they got her for Christmas. She's going to be hunting with Daddy before she knows it. Glad she isn't squeamish like me. Michael would love for me to go hunting, but I just can't do it. I think I'd have to be starving. Just bring me the animal already gutted and skinned and I'll take care of it. I'm glad he's raising some hunting buddies to take my place.

"Happy birthday my dear daughter. Your little independent spirit is amazing to watch. Sometimes it gets you into trouble, but overall, I know it is a good thing. I love to watch you explore your world and to see the love of learning developing in you. You are a joy to homeschool. I'm privileged to call you my daughter. Your funny, sweet little voice and the amusing things you say keep our family entertained with never a dull moment. We love that you still want to snuggle with us. But the best thing we love about you, Hailey, is the amazing spiritual insights you seem to have at such a young age. The way you know how to feel clean again when you sin. You know that Jesus has washed your sins away with His blood and you are white as snow. You understand the power of the Holy Spirit already. Oh, had I understood that at your age! You are precious to us and we can't imagine life without our Hailey Baby. God bless you, sweet one!"

Your Blessd and Grateful Mom,


aimee said...

Great photos Jackie! A very, very happy (belated) birthday to your little one! My youngest granddaughter is about a year younger than Hailey and I have a feeling that they have similar personalities:)
Any fall color out your way yet?

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Thank you, Aimee. We are barely starting to get some fall color around here, but I went ahead and decorated for fall. The kids love helping me :) How about you? Any fall colors in the valley yet?


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