Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter 2014 Amature Photo Shoot

My friend, Charlyn, took this family picture of us outside of our new church home. I thought she did a great job.  Thank you!!!! 
 I was able to take photos of the kids on our homestead. Hailey was old enough to pick out her dress this year. She loved this "fairy dress" with the satin butterflies all over the bodice. This dress fit Hailey's personality all the way.

 Yep, they love each other, despite all the sibling bickering. I just love this pic :)
 Hard to get a traditional picture of Josiah.

 This is my favorite of both kids together. 
 My monkey boy!
Love this tree. Don't know what kind it is, but it sure smells heavenly. Michael took this pic of me in my new Easter dress. I splurged and bought it on sale with some new jewelry and shoes. It was so fun to have something new to wear. It has been many years since I bought a new dress. Mom calls this my "Duck Dynasty Lady Pose" ;)

Had fun snapping and editing pics. Of course it helps to have two children who love the camera. I save so much money and I love doing it. Editing can really help when you can't afford an expensive camera. Someday! I need to start saving my mad money up for a good one :)

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Nadine said...

What great family all look wonderful!


Camille said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. I like the *creative* shots capturing the children in their *normal* way of living. :) These are treasures that you will look back on with joy. Yippee for a new dress and shoes! I am glad you did look lovely. Hugs to you! Camille

Becky L. said...

Love the photos. It's not the camera, it's how you compose the photos. Granted I enjoy my dslr a lot and it wasn't that expensive. The photos of Josh on the tree were so funny and he's getting so big. Hailey is adorable. My granddaughter lost her first tooth last Sat. Toothless grins are cute. Her little brother thought he needed to pull out teeth too but his mom thought it not a good idea! You all look great! Hugs!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Your dress is beautiful! I wish you could show me more editing stuff. I just never have time to go that far. Maybe someday. Hope that dress lasts for Lily. It is so pretty!

Catherine said...

Lovely family, lovely pictures, sweet memories!

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks so nice! : ) I love your kid's hair! The color is amazing. : )



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