Friday, May 9, 2014

April 2014

April was a busy month for us. It was filled with lots of company and lots of work around the homestead while we tend the ground God has given us. My sister and her large family visited us during Spring Break and the next week Michael's niece, Crystal and her two boys visited us on their Spring Break. My in-laws also came up to see her while she was here. It was so fun having everyone.
This was the first time we got to meet Jasper, Crystal's youngest son. Oh is he adorable! I was sad to see him go. It was fun having a baby around the house again. Crystal is such a good mom to her boys. The kids loved playing with their cousin Dylan who is just one year younger than Josiah. We are going to visit them in Montana soon. Very excited to see their new home and meet Crystal's husband for the first time.
I had a fun 39th birthday, even though Michael wasn't home for it. Mom and Larry made me dinner, took me shopping for a parasol to go with my Civil War outfit, and then they watched the kids for me so I could go to a contra dance. Oh, did I dance, too! So much fun to kick up my heels with old friends. Missed my hubby though, but the nice thing about contra dancing is you don't need to go with a partner.
 Michael was gone all of March and half of April for a military training, so he missed out on all the company. However, he got to come home to a newly built shop! In the picture above, Hailey is sweeping out the shop in preparation for her Daddy to come home and see it for the first time.

Hailey is pointing out their hand prints in the cement. I didn't even have to tell Michael to smile for the camera. He was in heaven! As you can see behind Michael, there is a lot of landscaping and seeding that needs to be done, and we are working on it, a little at a time. Seeing more green every day.

So good to have Michael home again!

I am one blessed lady! I got to the children's museum and realized I had forgotten my cellphone. All of a sudden I remembered I had left it on the top of the truck at home while taking care of a child's misbehavior. For some reason I felt led to look at the winch on the front of the truck and there it was riding, all the way from my house to downtown. Whew!!!
Ever since we moved to this property, I've wanted a hammock to stretch between the two apple trees. I finally convinced Michael to get me one. The kids and I love it! They take turns homeschooling in it, and it is a fun place to snuggle and just take a moment to enjoy each other's company. I'm teaching Hailey to read in that hammock! Oh, the joys of homeschooling :)
Of course, the kids think it is the most fantastic swing ever and do everything they can to dump each other out of it, LOL. Feel absolutely grateful to God for allowing us to tend this piece of Earth. Been very busy transplanting bulbs and lilac trees and flowers. Need a bit a color around here! Got my garden tilled the other day, but nothing planted in yet. Soon I hope! Michael has been working on getting underground electricity to the new shop. No small job, indeed. Little by little this place is coming along. The kids are learning what it means to live in the country and have a lot more responsibility now. It is good for them, is one of the main reasons we wanted to give them a bit of country life.

God Bless, Jackie


aimee said...

I think I smiled all the way through this post Jackie! SO fun to see the changes at your homestead and...I do believe your kids are growing bigger with each month that passes by:)
God's blessings to you + yours. Have a great Mother's Day!
PS: GREAT photos!

Camille said...

That's incredible about the cell phone! Your children are growing up so! Happy (belated) birthday to you!! And...yippee for company and for all the progress on your homestead. What a blessing! Love to you, Camille

Catherine said...

Wow, the shop looks great; your kids are darling; your parasol is perfect! All you need is Beth Moore to top your life! ;-)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Yes, Catherine! So glad a Beth Moore conference is next on my list! So looking forward to some awesome girl time with you :)

RaD said...

I finally can comment again! I was messing with the options on my internet and made it so I couldn't comment on any blogger-run blogs. Whew! So glad I got it figured out!

Oh I love that last picture! Your kids look so carefree.

I'm glad to hear your cell phone was so easily recoverable. You got fortunate, that's for sure!

Michael looks like a kid at Christmastime seeing his shop for the first time.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Homesteading sounds so interesting. I hope you update soon. Did you plant a huge garden? guess with your cycles its time to head to Sturgis ;) Have a great weekend


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Hi Sophia! Glad you stopped by. I'm in the middle of planting a big garden. I'm planning on posting pics of that soon. Kind of throwing it together and hoping for the best since it is our first year planting on the homestead :)

Great to hear from you again. I thought maybe you had stopped blogging. Miss so many of my old friends since blogging doesn't seem to be "in" anymore. Glad you're sticking with it!


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