Saturday, October 4, 2014

La Grande Celtic Festival 2014

 I'm about a month and half late with this post, but better late than never. The 2014 La Grande Celtic Festival just keeps getting bigger and better every year. This is the fourth year we've attended (3rd year of participating). Unfortunately Michael had a military training that weekend so only the kids and I were able to go. Thank goodness for my big Celtic family, or I never would have survived the weekend. In the photo above, the kids and I are in the clan parade, representing Clan Lamont.
 There were more activities for the kids this year, which was something I very much appreciated. The kids spent hours mock sword fighting.
Where on earth do boys just get to be boys anymore? They were in heaven playing with these foam swords that looked real. 

 We all enjoyed our dear friend, "Billy the Mick's" sword demonstrations. He drew quite a crowd this year.
The Boise Irish Step Dancers did an amazing job of entertaining us. What a talented group of young ladies who are clearly very committed to what they do.
The Highland Games moved the Sheaf Toss into the Celtic Village, which made for some really nice entertainment for the vendors and clans.  

The Boise Highlanders on parade. Sharp looking group!
The Gothard Sisters entertained us again this year with their beautiful voices, instruments and dancing. They are always a favorite and some of the nicest girls you'll ever meet.
Our friends, Cora and Tony, were a HUGE help to me this year, especially since Michael couldn't stay to help. Cora is our official breakfast maker and Tony is my official tent repair guy. You gotta watch these two, though!
As I was cooking haggis which takes about 3 hours, I found this Jacobite outside my tent, standing there with this sign. I ended up feeding him, but you know what? He disappeared when it was time to do dishes ;) Sneaky Jacobites!

On Saturday night, we fed around 50 people homemade haggis and corned beef and cabbage with all the fixin's.
Here I am serving haggis and corned beef. The smell was tantalizing! It is always fun to see what people think of haggis the first time they try it. They either love it or hate it. Personally, I hate it!
Josiah and our friend, Dennis, playing sword fighting with rubber swords. I don't think Josiah or Hailey wore shoes the whole weekend!
Cora and I in our feminine Celtic attire. It is so fun to dress up and feel perfectly normal because lots of other people are dressed up, too. I love it! It is like informal re-enacting.
Billy giving his "Freedom" speech. The boys were getting into it!

Hailey participated in the Highland Games this year. She is doing the stone toss in this pic.

Loved this little guy doing the hammer toss. His daddy is in Afghanistan, serving our country. I can't imagine how proud his is of his little man wearing an Army shirt and his clan colors. All three of his boys were dressed like this. Too adorable!
Hailey doing the hammer toss. Josiah chose not to participate because he would rather be playing at the sword fighting station.
The bands, "Tiller's Folly" and "Men of Worth" got together and played at the end of the festival. They are both amazing. Great way to wrap up a fantastic weekend.

Hope you enjoyed just a few photos of the many I took during the 2014 La Grande Celtic Festival. We look forward to attending next year and hope to see more old friends as well getting to make new friends.

God Bless,


Sharon Goff said...

Love the pictures. Going to try the milk soap recipe.

aimee said...

I would have loved every moment of this festival--especially the dancing, singing and (yum)corned beef! Thanks for sharing Jackie:)

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