Saturday, August 29, 2015

Homestead Happenings, July 2015

Wow did this summer go fast on Mission Road Homestead! Here it is, the very end of August and I realized I hadn't posted since June. Busy living life and that is OK. Having older kids and a baby keeps you hopping for sure. 
Josiah is now an official Boy Scout and loving it! He was thrilled to get to march in the 4th of July parade with his troop. I think this is a good fit for him.

Josiah went to Camp Morrow for the first time. He had a great time and made some new friends. He memorized lots of scripture and apparently was on first name basis with the medical staff. According to them, he was a walking ice pack between bites, stings, slivers and pulled muscles.

While Josiah was at camp, my sister came up and got me started on painting. We get really bad inversions here during the winter months and we needed to lighten up the place. Here are some before and after shots of our home. Painting and a little redecorating (mostly rearranging what I already had) made a world of difference in the trailer. I started painting living room, and before I knew it, I got the dining room and kitchen painted, too. Once we get rid of the yellow carpet I will be a happy camper indeed! 

Living room before
Looking more our homestead style! I was even able to incorporate Michael's old lanterns on either side of the TV cabinet.
This dark whole of a kitchen drove me the most crazy.
Look at the difference!!!! I actually like the yellow appliances and wall paper now.
My sweet sis, helped Michael and I for several days, then I finished it up between nursing and naps. It took us 7 days to do all this, 4 of which I was completely on my own. This is a before shot of the dining room with the hated mirrors.
We added baskets to this "catch all" space on the buffet and replaced the mirrors with a fun clock and chalkboard for homeschooling. I love this space now, especially the red counter!
I watched Stacie's kiddos while she and her husband went on their 20th anniversary trip in May and she did the same for us so we could go on our 20th anniversary trip. Yep, we were married 20 days apart! And no, we didn't want a double wedding. Michael and I headed up to the Mount Hood National Forest with Rina and the camper and we explored a whole bunch of places were I used to camp when I was a kid. We stayed and walked along the "Barlow Road" where the pioneers from the Oregon Trail crossed the Cascade Mountains. We finally got to see the "Pioneer Woman's Gravesite". It was very interesting. Would so love to know the story behind that. Somethings are just a left a mystery though.
We splurged on a delicious buffet lunch at Timberline Lodge.  Rina was good and took a nap while we were eating.
We read a lot of the history and it made it a much more meaningful visit this time. The wood and iron work of this place is astounding. You don't see craftsmanship like that these days. Even the curtains were handwoven.
Michael and I actually had time to play a game of cribbage in the camper that night. Michael lost even though Rina was doing her best to tell him which cards he oughta throw.

Rina and Michael hiking the Underhill Loop.
Never thought we'd have a baby on our 20th wedding anniversary trip, but it was fun and we are blessed!

We celebrated Hailey's birthday a little early this year so that Michael could be there for it, since he had drill on her birthday weekend. Hailey dressed Rina up in all the birthday gear I got for Hailey. We kept it simple and invited family and friends to join us at the water park. 

Hailey got enough money that she was able to buy her own Kindle Fire. It has been a great homeschooling tool and leverage (if you know what I mean).

Rina got to meet Michael's oldest brother, David, for the first time. They got along splendidly.
David brought up several of his grandkids from his side of the family, so the kids had a great time playing with their second cousins. We took them to the river and Josiah showed the boys how to hunt for crawdads. They all enjoyed their crawdad feast when they got home.
Rina hanging out with her Uncle David. I didn't realize he was such a baby guy. He loved talking to her.
The cousins set up a gladiator camp and did reenactments. They all had such a great time together.
Last but not least, Michael was promoted to Warrant Officer I! We are so proud of him as he has worked hard for this. 

I'll be posting about our August soon (I hope). We've already started homeschooling, so time is always of the essence! 

God Bless,


Camille said...

What a fun update my friend!! What a BUSY girl you've been!! Your trailer looks amazing!!! I cannot believe the difference that painting made on it all. You must be so pleased. Happy 20th to you and Michael. you think Rina looks like Josiah? I think I see it! Hugs, Camille

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I love your "NEW" place! It was so satisfying to get that done with you.

I am so happy that all is going well. I love you!

Becky L. said...

What a difference paint makes in a house! It looks great and love the new look without the mirror. Happy 20th anniversary! Glad you had a good time away with Michael and baby Rina, whose so adorable. I just want to hold her and give her a kiss. Thanks for the update in photos. Congratulations on Michael's promotion to Warrant Office 1, way to go Michael! Have a blessed weekend.

magnoliasntea said...

Hi there! Love this post, especially that teeny dress on the clothesline. Adorable, just like the little girl that wears it. Oh my word, your house looks fabulous now. I love the new look, and that red door is a nice touch as is the counter top. You may not post so very often, but when you do it's a good one. Have a great weekend!
p.s. Happy Belated Anniversary!! and Congratulations to your husband on the promotion to Warrant Officer. Way to go!

Jill said...

The before and after pictures are amazing! I love it!! Congratulations on 20 years! Jerry and I celebrated 21 in May ;-) So many great pictures in this post, you've sure been busy. I started homeschooling Kathleen this year (4th grade) @ weeks in and we are loving it. Have a great week!


Nadine said...

Your living room and dining room look great! We live in a manufactured home too, and painting the faux wood paneling was one of the first things we did! :)
Congratulations to your hubby!


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