Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nov/Dec 2016 Homestead Happenings

Life keeps happening at lightening speed on Mission Rd. Homestead. Michael was gone for three weeks to the Balkans with the National Guard. The picture above was taken at the airport just before he flew out. He was able to see some of Lithuania and Romania. He decided boiled pig's ear wasn't he favorite food, but everything else was pretty good. We missed him terribly, but keeping busy helps the time of separation go faster. We were grateful he was able to be home in time for Christmas!

 Before he left, he was able to get the new laminate flooring put down in the living room.  You don't even know how much I prefer it to the 40 year old carpet!!!
Awe, so much better!!! 

I got inspired from some home decorating shows on Netflix and decided to try my hand at spray painting and then distressing. Somebody stop me!!! I was spray painting all kinds of things, including wastebaskets, planters and laundry baskets. I'm going to redo my chandelier next. 

 This is my favorite piece. I bought this beat up old coffee table at an estate sale for $5. I spray painted it and then paid $35 for new glass to be put in it. I found some Chess board scrapbook paper online that I put it under the glass and the kids now I have a piece that serves multiple functions in the livingroom. It is smaller than my other coffee table which makes the room look so much bigger! BTW, the rug underneath it is one that Michael bought me when he was deployed to Iraq awhile ago.
Rina's first pic with Santa. She lasted long enough to kind of smile, pull Santa's beard and then proceeded to freak out. At least I got one decent pic!

Just before Thanksgiving, my dad, who just had another hip replacement surgery a few months before, fell while feeding cattle and shattered his femur. It was a very scary time for our family. God got him through and has provided all kinds of help for him as he recovers. He is doing well, healing slowly and being very careful. Below is a pic of how they had to wire his shattered leg back together during surgery. He also had to have muscles reattached. We are so thankful he is on the mend and not is so much pain!

We continued our tradition of carolling with our local homeschool group at a local nursing home. This gal was 100+ years of age and was thrilled to get to hold Rina. It was a precious time!

We decided to do a "Little House on the Prairie" themed tree this year. Mostly handmade ornaments. The kids made popcorn and cranberry garland. Instead of a star, I used my parasol. I didn't take a pic of the bottom of my tree because we had to move all the decorations up due to a sweet little lady who is now old enough to pull all the ornaments/lights off the tree.   

Christmas time rolled around before we knew it and Michael's folks came up for a visit. Rina got lots of snuggles from her Grandma Kay.

And lots of smiles and teasing from her Grandpa Ernie, who would never in a million years admit that he is a baby person. But trust me, he is!!!

 The kids with their stockings Christmas morning! My stepmom, Diana, has made each kid their patriotic stockings and she happened to have enough material left over to make our surprise baby one, too. I was thrilled that all the kids get matching stockings!!! I can't tell you how much I adore this picture.
Hailey wanted to make sure I had a lot of stuff in my stocking this year. She bought all this scrapbooking stuff for me with her own money. What a darlin' to make sure mama was thought of, too. 

 My folks joined us for Christmas brunch and more Rina snuggles.
We found this sign for Michael to go into his shop. So him!

My camera was accidentally broken by one of the kids, but God blessed me with a better camera and I had fun trying it out Christmas morning. Rina tuckered out in the middle of opening presents. I love this pic!

Josiah was thrilled to receive a whole bunch of Boy Scout equipment from all of us. 

 Second round! Just give her a box and a doll and she is happy!
Went to my mom's house for Christmas dinner and took some pics by her tree. Rina's Christmas dress was so cute! I love hand-me-downs! Didn't get this pic quite in focus, but I still love it.
Finally a good family Christmas pic!!! 

 Rina's first Christmas couldn't have been better. We are so blessed to have this little gal in our midst! She is truly the cherry on top of our family tree.
We ended December with a visit from my sister and all six of her kids. We hung out at my mom's house for New Year's Eve. It is always fun when they get to come up for a visit. My nieces and nephews adore Rina, and I so enjoy watching them love on her.

We look forward to seeing what 2016 brings us. I'm sure it will be filled with adventure, love, heartache and uncertainty, but through it all we will continue to cling to Christ's promises for us in His precious Word. May we live for Jesus this year, more than last year. May we press in closer to Him and be attuned to His will for our lives. Lord, let us be lights shining brighter for You with every year that passes by.

Happy 2016, Everyone!!!

God Bless,


Camille said...

SUCH a lovely catch-up post my friend! I so enjoy seeing all your wonderful family photos. Yippee for that new floor!! Your living room looks welcoming and cosy. What a great job you did on that coffee table. :) Yaay for sister time and family time and Christmas time!! It looks and sounds like it was perfect. Hugs, Camille

Becky L. said...

The photos of your family and special times are great, Jackie! Sweet! I enjoyed this post so much. We have a surprise granddaughter coming to us in late spring via our son and we can't wait. Your house looks so cozy and love the rug that Michael brought from Iraq! How nice of him to do that for you. Thankful he was back by Christmas. Hugs and God bless you all! We are anticipating what God will do for and thru us this year.

Jill said...

So sorry to hear that happened to your dad! I will pray for his continued healing! I love all these beautiful pictures of your family, and they are all growing up so fast. Your home is looking so lovely and I love all your projects, the table turned out so nice and I bet your family will enjoy it for many years to come!

Many blessings,

magnoliasntea said...

Beautiful photos, Jackie! Love all the sweet pics of Rina and the whole family.
Your new floor is absolutely gorgeous. It's such a blessing to have a diy-er around the house. ;)
Have a great week!

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