Sunday, January 31, 2016

Up-cycled Mason Jar Chandelier Fit For a Homestead

 My husband made me this up-cycled Mason jar chandelier out of....
....this cheap 1990s chandelier that came with our 1975 trailer house. I've hated this thing ever since I moved in and decided I needed in a new chandelier. I couldn't afford the vintage looking ones I was originally looking at, so I got the idea to try to turn it into Mason jar chandelier. Josiah (my 12 year old son) helped me see that we could get the wire rack holding the prisms off so we could somehow attach the Mason jars onto the lights.

 My husband took the whole thing apart and painted all the gold a nice light yellow that matches my '75 trailer appliances. So glad this color is coming back in and it looks great with the blue jars. I told him to hang the pieces from my clothesline, which worked great.
I bought these vintage colored blue Mason jars on Amazon for around $20. I know I could have got a better deal if I'd looked around more, but I didn't want to wait. Oh well, $20 for a new chandelier plus a $4 can of spray paint was super cheap compared to the prices I was looking at for a new one.

 We also spray painted the lids. Michael put all the wiring back together, and then we put the bulbs in and simply screwed the jars to the lids. We didn't even have to use glue! The small-mouth lids were the perfect size to grip the chandelier cups from the bottom.
Now all we have to do to change a light bulb is unscrew the jar from the lid. So simple!
Hailey was in mourning over the loss of our ugly dining room chandelier, so I told her we could take the wire holding the prisms and make it work on her bedroom light fixture. She got to pick her color of spray paint and hung it up by a string from the clothesline and went to town with the spray paint. 

Her ugly, cheap light cover is gone and in its place is a little girl's dream chandelier. Sweet! I avoided that crisis! She was thrilled and I ended up with two upcycled chandeliers out of the old ugly one. Can't beat that!

Before I throw something away, I'm really trying to think if there is something fun, cute or useful I could use it for. The TV show on Netflix called "Flea Market Flip" has been my inspiration. My kids can help me see new uses, too. 

Still in love with spray paint! Hailey and I are going to start spray painting lots of items in the kids' bathroom next. We're bringing life to this old place one can of spray paint at a time!  



Camille said...

Cute post!! I love it that you were able to get two chandeliers out of the one! And, your blue mason jar chandelier is cute. What a fun idea. Hugs to you! Love, Camille

Becky L. said...

I like the chandeliers you all made. Blue mason jars are a favorite of mine. Upcycling sounds great! Enjoy your new lighting in your house! Blessings and hugs, Becky

Nadine said...

Love the new light fixture! I have posted several ideas similar to that on Pinterest!
Hope you have a good week! ♥

magnoliasntea said...

What a nice chandelier you have now, and Hailey's, too. Y'all did a great job on both.
Almost everything in my whole house is a medley of junk and flea market finds, but it's all debt free. ;)
Have a lovely week!

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