Friday, March 25, 2016

Homestead Happenings - Feb 2016

 All us girls dressed up for Rina's first Valentine's Day. I filled Hailey's "love tank" by making frosted sugar cookies with her. I made them with cream cheese and lemon zest. Yum! Best sugar cookies I've ever made. I ate way too many of them, I must confess.
We invited Grandma and Larry Pop over for a special Valentine's dinner cooked by Chef Josiah. He made teriyaki kabobs. They were spectacular!
 A couple days before Valentine's Day, our Prairie Primer co-op got together and made Valentine's cards to distribute among the residents at a near-by nursing home. The staff was probably blessed more than the residents. It was a precious thing to see. So glad we took the time to do this! Of course we were blessed the most out of everyone because giving is truly better than receiving.

 Here is one resident that saw Rina and dropped to her knees so she could be at Rina's level to play with her. It was simply precious.

 We suddenly got chickens as some friends of ours where culling their herd. So out went the bee stuff we were storing in the chicken coop and in went chickens.
 I should say mostly roosters. They all lived about a week until Michael and the kids had time to butcher them. We all debated on who the lucky rooster should be.
In the end, I got my wish and "Blondie" was spared. I wanted him because I've always liked "tall, cool blondes" and he reminds me of my husband ;) Within a week, Michael added 5 more laying pullets to the flock. So now we have one rooster, two old hens and 5 young pullets. We have seen one egg in the two weeks we've had them. Waiting, waiting....
Just after rebuilding the whole back end of the camper, Michael went to replace/rewire the marker lights on the front of the camper and unfortunately found that the whole bed over the cab was rotten all throughout the front. It is wonder it didn't break when we were sleeping on it. So the rebuild of this camper continues...

It is a lot of work to rebuild this thing, but thankfully Michael has the know-how and it is definitely cheaper than getting a new camper!
A blissful afternoon of hot beverages, chocolate and visiting was spent with some of my besties from La Grande. Thanks for the awesome visit Dorene and Cora! I miss you all so much, but grateful we can pick up right where we left off.
Michael got another fun sign for his shop and a bunch of bee/honey/wax supplies for his birthday. He had a very happy birthday! Thanks to all those who sent birthday wishes his way. A big thank you to his folks for coming up to help us celebrate even though he had to work both days.

Rina and Cuddles are contemplating "The Great Escape". Cuddles chickened out...

Don't let that angelic smile fool you, she is into everything!
Rina decided she wanted to improve her skin with an avocado mask at lunch.
So blessed to have doubled the size of our swing set when some friends of ours friend gave us theirs since their kids have out-grown it. We have a lot of kids visit and now it feels like we have our own park on the homestead.We plan on staining it all one color when the weather gets nicer so it really will look like it all belongs together. This will get many more years of use on Mission Rd Homestead.
smile emoticon
The plague hit our house at the end of Feb. Michael managed to escape to Europe for three weeks for a special mission with the National Guard while I took care of sick kids for two weeks. One day the kids were feeling well enough to have a quick picnic outside. The sunshine felt great after being cooped up in the house for days and days. Michel is now home and we are so thankful!

As I write this, we are coming up on Easter. As usual, I'm a month behind, but I keep plugging along. Life is so busy with a baby! She is now walking and 10 1/2 months old. Spring is a busy time on the homestead anyway. Glad she is walking so she can come outside with us more. What a joy and delight she is to us all!

As we move into Resurrection Weekend, let us all take time to ponder just what the Lord has done for us. "For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life" John 3:16 (HCSB). Let those words of life truly sink in. May we never take them for granted! 

God Bless,


magnoliasntea said...

Hi there! Love the pink outfits for Rina's birthday party. She's a cutie, and already standing, where has the time gone. We like teriyaki kababs, too - go Josiah!
Oh my, the camper looks daunting to me. We are considering buying a small, 70s or 80s Style Line pull-behind camper that needs a lot of updating. I do hope there's no damage.
Love the chickens. Have a great weekend!

aimee said...

Awesome post as always! A belated blessed birthday to.your husband...and a wish for success on his camper project! Kids all look great as guys :-)
Wishing you and yours a very blessed Easter,

Camille said...

What a BUSY life you have my friend!! I so enjoy these catch-up posts. SO full of life and living and joy!! :) Your little Rina is growing so quickly and such a cutie-pie. Your older children are really becoming young people and maturing into real helpers in your family. What fun to see Josiah manning the BBQ like a pro! I am sure Hailey is an amazing blessing as Mama's helper with Rina. SO sorry you all were sick while Michael was away...never fun to have sick kids! :( And, wow...what a big job Michael is taking on with your camper...way to go! Hugs to you and with Love, Camille

Domestic and Geeky said...

Great post! God Bless :)


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