Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Little Town on the Prairie - Prairie Primer 2016

 The Prairie Primer really focuses on 1700s and 1800s US history in "Little Town on the Prairie". The Declaration of Independence as well as learning the Presidents of the United states of that time period are the real focus in this book. I read part of a copy of the Declaration of Independence I had of it in Thomas Jefferson's hand-writing. I love studying this document! We interpreted a portion for the kids, so they could understand it better.
Lots of interesting presentations this month! Josiah made a telegraph out of legos.

Then he made a simple one using an electrical circuit as described in the book. Josiah and his dad used a very large battery so there would be lots of sparks. Always fun for a boy!

"Ma Jeni" holding Rina for me.

Naomi taught us about "Sheep Sorrel".

 Hailey recited the presidential review for George Washington.
Alli told us all about different breeds of chickens. She and her mom are backyard chicken experts!

Rina Babbina is always in the mix and being cute as usual.

 Josiah explained the significance of the Louisiana Purchase.
 I tried my hand at making a chicken pie like they suggest in the Little House cookbook. I guess in the old days, they always put boiled eggs inside the chicken pie - probably to make it stretch further. We tried it, but we all thought it tasted better without the eggs.  
 Yummy chicken pie!
Lunch that day consisted of  chicken pie, with lettuce and vinegar and sugar, cottage cheese and corn- all spring/summer foods mentioned after the Long Winter.
 The girls continued to sew on their bonnets and are so close to getting them done.
 Gracia is the first one to complete her bonnet! So proud of her. 
 Hailey taught us about "Spanish Needlegrass", a noxious weed that was brought to the prairies and was a real problem for sheep in particular as it would "needle" itself into their wool and lips.
 Josiah educated us on the life and times of Andrew Jackson.
 Gracia presented her report on Mexico.
 We made Valentine's Day cards for the residents at a nearby nursing home. Loving my new homeschool room! So great for crafting.

 The residents were thrilled to receive the beautiful cards the kids made. They made 17 to distribute and we visited a little with the residents who were awake and active.
 Of course, they all loved Rina! She always brings a smile to the faces of the residents.
 This was a nice display that the staff made for the residents. The staff were so friendly to us and appreciative. How blessed WE were when we left as we saw the smiles on their faces.
The next week we decided to do a Mexican themed Prairie Primer day as it suggested we have a fiesta. We learned about the war between Mexico and the US as well as the Mexican culture. I did an impromptu flamenco dance for the kids. They loved it! 

What fun to have an excuse to do the Flamenco again!!!

 The kids watched a funny video of the song "The Battle of New Orleans" by Johnny Horton.
Gracia made this adorable frog pinata!
Josiah, never to do anything conventional, had to hit the pinata "Indiana Jones" style!

The kids learned how to translate some sentences in Braille as that was what Mary was learning at the college for the blind. 

 Hailey gave us the "History of Bathing" and the health benefits of bathing as well.
Alli made her own beautiful name cards and told us how they became popular and why they are still popular today. 

Homemade churros!

Taco bar

Whew, after all that, Rina needed a siesta. So did I for that matter!

What a fun month, jam packed full of more things to learn. The kids are getting better and better at presenting and doing their own reports with very little (if any guidance from the "Mas"). They are learning to look things up on their own and what it takes to make an interesting report. 

On to "These Happy Golden Years"! 

God Bless,
Ma Jackie


magnoliasntea said...

Great post, Jackie! What an interesting, fun education your children are getting at home. Love the lego telegraph. I never cease to be amazed at Josiah's projects. Haley and Rina are cutie pies.
Have a great weekend!

aimee said...

Your kids are SO blessed to be learning at home! What an exciting and thorough education they are getting! Love your post today :-)
Blessings, Aimee

Camille said...

I always enjoy these posts my get SO much accomplished!!! Your children will carry happy memories of these days with them all their lives. SO precious! I don't think I'd like chicken pot pie with boiled eggs sliced over top....interesting! You are all brave to give it a try, though. Hugs to you! Camille


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