Friday, September 23, 2016

Homestead Happenings - June 2016

 Michael was gone for half of May and the entire month of June so not a lot got done on the homestead during that time. He was at Fort Lee, Virginia for warrant officer school. I kept plenty busy with the kids as we finished up our homeschool year. We were able to go on a field trip to the Whitman Mission and Fort Walla Walla Museum with our local homeschool group. We've done this field trip several times and my kids never get tired of it. The walk around the mission is beautiful. Rina enjoyed being pushed around in her jogger by her siblings. She and Josiah paused in front of the mass grave containing the remains of missionaries, Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, their adopted children, the John and Frank Sager as well as several other pioneers. I blogged about this story in a past post if you are interested in learning more.
Rina was tuckered out by the time we got to Fort Walla Walla where we checked out the old-time farming equipment.

Rina is showing off her new teeth!

Our old firepit finally rusted through, so I bit the bullet and got a heavier duty one. We love roasting hot dogs and making s'mores with Nutella spread on our graham crackers whenever we have company.

Rina discovered her stink-eye.

Josiah bought this raft in perfect condition at the MOPS yard sale. He took it out several times this summer. We blew it up in the house first to see if it had any holes in it. 

Josiah likes to make his own corn-cob pipes that he can chew on while he is reading (no he isn't smoking anything in them). He discovered a new favorite author this summer - Louis L'amour. I remember loving all those books when I was a teenager. Glad to see he is liking them, too. Such great stories of courage and manly character.

I got really brave and went camping with three kids to the family camp out in Heppner. I honestly wish I would have stayed home. It rained almost the entire time. My parents were unable to go because my stepmom ended up getting an emergency stint put in her artery. Yikes! Rina and I stayed in my sister's tent trailer which was great. But with it raining, it got a little crowded with 8 people all together it. Captured this pic of Rina walking down the road in between rainstorms.  

Hot chocolate and biscotti in the mornings.

 My niece, Jess, caught this big trout at the pond. I was so proud of her!
 Aunt Stacie watched Rina so I could teach Hailey how to ride the ATV.
 Raining again. I found this castle block set at a yard sale. I was sure glad I brought it. It kept the kids busy for hours!
 My brother sure has a way with Rina. I think she was missing her dad and loved getting some male attention. Heer she is with her cousin Asher, both snuggling with Jerry. Love it!
Rina loves her big brother and sissy. They are still in love with her, too. I can't get enough of their smiles :) 

Rina helped me in the garden one day. We're so blessed to have an amazing view of the sky where we live. 

Rina's first tea party. Beyond precious!

Look how tall my sunflowers are getting! Josiah snapped this pic of me to send to Michael before I went to do an Underground Tour. Giving tours gives me a reason to dress nice, do my hair and put make up on ;)

One of the perks of being an Underground Tour guide is that I get to meet the most interesting people. I got a hug from one of my favorite authors, Rick Steber, and he slipped me a signed copy of his "Jackson Sundown" book just before I went underground on my tour. I love my job! He writes volumes of short stories about the west. I have them all and use them a lot for homeschooling. Before the days of audio books, we would take turns reading the short stories out loud on road trips.

Sissy and Rina taking a walk during a birthday party for a friend at the park.

Stacie and some of her kids came up to visit us this summer and we went to the aquatic center together. Stacie got a kick out of watching ME chasing around a baby! It was always her with a baby and a toddler! My niece, Jessica, was a big help though. What a beautiful day it was! I always love to have my sis and her kids visit. She came up to let Rina get used to her and the kids before I went back east for a week to visit my husband. She took Rina for that week. It was such a blessing! More on my trip soon.



Camille said...

I always enjoy these month-at-a-glance posts, Jackie. You were one brave Mama to take the kids the rain...without Michael! Your Rina is really growing up...what a cutie pie. I love it that I can tell you and Stacie apart now...even in photos. Before you identify Stacie, I have spotted her myself. Can you tell I feel a little proud about that? Big Hugs to you! Camille xo

Becky L. said...

What a fun update! Rina is adorable and that photo with her sister wowed me. They both have grown up fast I did a double take at Haley. I've met Rick Steber years ago and have some of his books too. Well I must get going as I need to make applesauce today. And clean. Happy weekend my friend!!

Jill said...

Rina is just so adorable! Loved all your pictures!! Thanks for sharing.



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