Monday, September 19, 2016

Homestead Happenings - May 2016

Michael just finished fencing off the upper pasture so we can make sure Rina stays away from the bee hives now that she is on the move. Michael got this done right before he left for Virginia for a 2 month Warrant Officer school.
Josiah helped me get the new heavy duty gate latches up just in time for the newest short term residents.
Experienced a true miracle of God with these cattle. The two cattle I bought (right after Michael left for Virginia) got spooked after we got home from church Sunday and blew through our fence. They went wild and decided that fences were just suggestions. They sailed over some, blew through others, crossing the highway and the river several times as neighbors tried to help corral them. By Sunday night I found them in a pasture two miles down the road. Then the red steer went missing for three days. Nobody had seen it. Prayed and prayed. Decided to slaughter the black heifer as soon as possible while I still knew where it was and to get it off the landowners' pasture asap. Guess who decided to show up for his own execution? Yep, the red steer popped back over the fence three nights later to have his date with the mobile slaughter guy early the next morning. Both animals are now safely in freezers and taste delicious! Only God could have done that! Giving Him all the glory! As Ma Ingalls would say, "All's well that ends well". Whew, what a relief! I was sure glad that was over!

Took the kids on a field trip visiting our local newspaper office. So interesting! 

Got a job at the Pendleton Underground Tours working as a backup tour guide when it works into my schedule! I'm so excited! After doing "Comes to Life" I realized I still have a passion for the job 20+years later (I gave tours while going to college at BMCC). Fits my extrovert, history-loving and imparting personality perfectly! AND I'm still on the postcard after all these years, LOL.
Josiah got his first Boy Scout merit badge - First Aid! Proud of you, son. Looking forward to seeing that sash filled someday.

Girls day in Tri-Cities. First time Hailey and Rina have ever been in a mall. Hailey got rather spoiled that day.

Two of my besties, Cora and Beth, got to see My favorite author, Francine Rivers! They made sure she signed one of my books and took a picture of her doing it. Then Cora surprised me with it! I have the sweetest friends

 Rina "Bee" one year old. Kept it simple, but had fun with the whole yellow, black and white theme. 
Rina loved her personal cupcake.
Rina playing in the birdbath.

 All tuckered out. Fell asleep in the sun on the rug in front of the sliding glass door. I cherish these moments. Too quickly gone...

Love, Jackie

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Camille said...

These month-at-a-glance posts are great, Jackie. You will not be sorry you kept up with it all. How quickly your children are growing UP!! I remember when Hailey was not much bigger than Rina is now....crazy, isn't it? Hugs to you! Love, Camille


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