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Homestead Happenings - April 2017

 April of 2017 was a month of trying to find a new normal as we camped on our property during the months immediately following our house fire. We learned to make do with the things we had. The kids look back on this time fondly. We chose to look at our temporary situation as an adventure. Life was very INCONVENIENT at this time, but we learned to be grateful for the things we did have.
The weather was starting to get nice so we heated up water on the propane burner and the kids got to bathe in the canner kettle.

Even Josiah (13 at the time) managed to just barely fit in it. When his friends came over, they all had to have a try, too, LOL. Everyday was always an adventure at our place.

We moved the play set into the upper sheep pasture which became our yard. It was fun having the sheep to play with everyday. The little black lambs were so cute!
The kids had lots and lots of hammock time. They invented hammock games like "Spider in the Web".

Before the flies got too bad, we were able to open the shop door to let in light and fresh air We quickly came up with ways to keep the sheep out of the shop where we were living. Dixie would stare longingly at us, just waiting for us to pet her.

I can't tell you how many times the sheep got into the shop. I had lots of messes to clean up when someone would forget to close the shop door. Never thought I'd say, "Someone please get the sheep out of the dining room!".
There were a lot of firsts. Like doing laundry outside. Often times I would have to step over Dixie to get to the washing machine. We hung everything to dry on the clothesline - spring, summer and fall
Rina, not at all a flexible child, had a hard time adjusting to new sleeping quarters. Camping long term with a toddler was challenging to say the least. 
This was what I called my "fire art". These were items I pulled out of the the burned out trailer house and used as yard art. I put my bird feeder in the middle of my antique ice cream parlor chair, added my jewelry tree with my burned earrings and topped it off with the "God Made Me Special" plate.

I brought all my herb buckets I had on the front porch near the burned-out trailer and put them around the borrowed travel trailer. Making lemonade out of lemons. My spinning wheel was half burned and unusable, but I thought it looked OK as yard art.

 As we settled into our new digs and were waiting to move forward with the removal of the burned-out trailer, we were able to sneak a little fun into our lives. Michael was finally able to enter his '26 T-Bucket into his very first car show at the Doolittle Raiders 75th Anniversary event. He had a great time and the girls enjoyed showing it off, too.
 Mom and Larry bought us tickets to the Doolittle Raiders Gala that happened that evening. I had to scramble to come up with an outfit as all my vintage clothes had sadly burned. I ended up wearing my Grandma Evelyn's beautiful fur cape and hat. It was such a blessing to get to wear it!
Unfortunately the picture is terribly pixelated, but it was the best we had. This was a badly needed date for Michael and I. He would have loved to be in his Army dress blues for the night, but we couldn't get them set up in time. So in a borrowed suit, we swing-danced the night away. What a great evening and much needed break from the constant stress that came with each new day!

Michael and the kids participated in their first "Passion Play" at our church during Easter weekend. It helped everyone focus on the Lord instead of our circumstances. We have so much to be grateful for. The best gift ever is Jesus!
Hailey was a townsperson. 
Michael was a disciple. He looked so weird with long hair! 

Josiah helped behind the scenes with the lights. He did a great job!
Hailey reenacting Palm Sunday.
Our pastor did a great job playing Jesus.
I always try to get the kids books for their Easter presents instead of a lot of junk food.
Having Easter morning in the trailer where it was warm!
Early Easter morning, we rushed over to Dufur to worship with family and friends at Dufur Christian Church and then have an egg hunt and dinner afterwards.
I managed to get the girls matching Easter dresses. They both looked so beautiful in blue!

Grandma Kricket, teaching Rina to pray in church.

Rina sure enjoyed her egg hunt with her cousin Marcus. He adored helping her. It's so fun to have a little one again to enjoy the traditions of Easter.

We are so thankful for the resurrection of our Lord and that we have to privilege to celebrate it.


God Bless,

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Becky L. said...

Nice story of last year in April. Glad your older two children understood what was happening and lesson for all of us too. Hard times but there's mercy and grace given by God!
I look forward to Friday evening service and then resurrection Sunday! We'll be teaching 4/5 grade boys second service and will see how that goes with resurrection eggs! Hugs and blessings!


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