Sunday, March 4, 2018

Narnia Unit Study 2016-17: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

We only got through half of Voyage of the Dawn Treader as a co-op due to the house fire. We all ended up finishing this book on our own. We continued on as a co-op to finish the rest of the Narnia books, meeting in our shop/pasture for the rest of the year. Yep, we weren't going to let a thing like a house fire, stop us! I'm really glad these guys helped us finish what we started. These are some of the last pictures taken in the old house.

 The kids finished up their clay lamps. Unfortunately, they were all left at our house to dry. They were definitely cured in house fire, LOL. The kids did a great job on these. We will have to do them again sometime just for fun.

For presentations, Naomi started us out with her topic - Bears. She told us about their habitat, diet and showed us different kinds of bears. 

 Hailey followed Naomi's presentation with her own on Bear Safety. We learned the basics of what to do if you ever have a close bear encounter.
 Alli taught us about trees. She showed us several beautiful water colors of trees she painted herself.

 Gracia's presentation was on the Grand Canyon.
Josiah explained how old-style compass navigation works, comparing it to modern-day GPS. Then he gave us a compass course demo. 

 Measuring out the course.

 Using the compass on his phone to find the coordinates for his course. 

 We made a Fall Foliage Feast which was delicious! It consisted of roast pork, rice and pecans, grapes, cheese, crackers and grape juice instead of wine.
 While we were preparing the "Fall Foliage Feast" described in the book, the kids were outside playing suggested children's games such as Flag, Blind Man's Bluff and Hunt the Slipper. It was a bright sunny day!
 It was Amanda's birthday so we had to spoil her a little. Love this lady! She brought yummy cupcakes for us all to enjoy. Hope she enjoys her last year of being in her 30s.

I'm super grateful for these two families who learned to be as flexible as we had to be for the next few months. They were really there for us. So happy to be in such a wonderful co-op!

God Bless,

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Becky L. said...

What a fun time and always fun to hear other children's reports. Glad you were able to continue your co-op even after the fire. I will link up with you on my next blog so that you can get more readers. Hope that's ok with you!
Take care my friend and have a blessed week!


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