Saturday, June 2, 2018

Hailey's 10th Birthday - Stayin' Cool at the Pool

We had a pink camo themed birthday party at the aquatic center for Hailey's 10th birthday. 
She was blessed to have many of her homeschooling friends from over the mountain attend. It was wonderful to hang with old friends as well as new ones that day. 

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Hailey!

 What a great looking group of homeschoolers! I tell ya, we know how to have fun!

These kids are all getting so big! I remember many of them as toddlers or babies.
Rina sure enjoyed her her cake.

Reading through her birthday cards. It was a bit overwhelming since there were so many. Many friends gave her money to buy a mermaid tail she could actually swim in. 

We gave her her own pink tool kit for working on the house and a gymnastics bag with a personalized water bottle. 

Rina conked out about mid-way through the party.

 We were also blessed to have Michael's niece, Crystal, and her three boys visit us for Hailey's birthday. They hung out at the homestead with us for a couple days.
Zeek liked sitting on Dixie.

 Jasper just liked to talk to her. She's a good listener.
Dylan just enjoyed leaning on her and trying to make friends with our black sheep, Fluff.

What a fantastic birthday weekend for Hailey. Full of family and friends making her feel special. I think she really needed that after such a stressful time after the fire. We are so proud of our sweet and sour redhead. She's got a tender heart for the Lord and loves His Word. 

We love you so much, Hailey!

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Becky L. said...

super fun birthday party for 10 year old Hailey! My how she has grown through these years and blessed that she's got great parents like you and Micheal. Hugs to her from me! God bless you all!


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