Saturday, June 16, 2018

June 2018 Family Vacation Part 1: Cataldo Mission and Wallace, ID

We went on our first ever week-long family vacation ever. Michael's folks joined us as we traveled through Washington, Idaho and then into Montana where we met up of with Michael's brother, David, his niece, Crystal, and her family and camped at Glacier National Park. After staying the first night in the trailer in the driveway of a sweet friend of mine from MOPS, Laci, who now lives in Spokane, we headed to Cataldo Mission.

 We toured the Mission House first where the Jesuit priests would live and be trained.
 This was the chapel inside the Mission House.

These wooden pillars outside of the beautiful wooden cathedral were huge!

The inside was breathtaking. The amount of work and love that went into carving out all of this just boggles the mind. The building itself was mostly built by Native Americans who where members of the church.
The artistry in all of the wood carvings was amazing. This is a panel in the ceiling. 

Another decoration on the ceiling.

All of the candelabras an chandeliers were carved from tin cans. A Jesuit priest painted all the paintings and stained the wood to make it look like marble. The beautiful wall paper was hand painted newspaper. You would have never known it wasn't real wallpaper.  

 Read the picture below for the construction details. Incredible!

 This was carved out of wood.
This was my in-laws first time seeing Cataldo Mission. Our kids were old enough to remember it this time. You can see the beautiful wallpaper behind the altar in this photo. 

 Checking out the beautiful view outside the Mission. 
 I love this picture of my FIL, Ernie. I was having fun playing with my new camera. 

 I'm glad Rina is always willing to be my model whenever I want to practice with my new camera.

Standing in front of where the gristmill was at one time. After that, we walked through their wonderful interpretive center, which was a first for our family. 
Rina fell asleep in the truck between Cataldo and Wallace, ID, so I let her sleep a little while in the trailer while Michael took the older kids and his parents on the Silver City Mine tour in Wallace. She woke up just as I saw them pulling away, so she and I walked downtown and ended up eating some huckleberry ice cream from the "Brain Freeze Creamery" while we wanted for everyone else to finish their tour. 

 Josiah was thrilled that they asked him to run the mucker during the tour. Hailey thought it was loud! Thanks to Kay for taking these pictures for me.
 Walking down one of the shafts of the Silver City Mine. Lots of great stories and very educational.
LOL, I love this picture so much of Michael and his mom. We enjoyed having them on vacation with us and look forward to doing it again. I'll be blogging about our adventures in Glacier National Park in my next post.

God Bless,


Becky L. said...

what an interesting cathedral and how things were made. They used what was available then. Showed alot of creativity! Glad you had a great time. Oh yum ice cream. We get ice cream on our trips too. We always seek out locally made ones.

Jill said...

How lovely!!


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