Thursday, September 18, 2008

4 Year Old Josiahisms

When Josiah turned 4 years old, I started keeping a running list of all the funny things he's said last year. I thought it was only appropriate that on his 5th birthday I would post these. Enjoy!

Funny Things:

I can’t have a fried egg sandwich because it’s not “Friday”.

Instead of saying Ecclesiastes, he says “Crazyiastes”.

“I miss Nana. I’m just a grumpy old man”.

“We have to make hot buttered runs”.

“When I get older I’m going to Canada on an airplane in my army uniform to shoot “cannons” in Canada.”

“Does Santa wear underwear?”

When Michael and I are kissing, Josiah always says, “Yuck, that’s eggscusting”.

Instead of saying, “You guys crack me up”, he says, “You guys are crackin’ my head open”.

When Josiah and Mom were at Newport, she said he looked out at the beach and yelled, “Look, there’s a sand pigeon!” (aka seagull).

“Do horses eat their boogers?”

“Bad News! A Spegeeto (mesquito) is trying to get me!”

“The strawberries tickle my teeth!”

I was explaining the meaning of Hailey’s bib that says “Biker Chick” on it, and he says, “If Hailey’s a “Biker Chick” than I’m a “Biker Turkey”!

“Mamma, Mamma! Can you believe it? I made a “Y” poop! Come see!” I go into the bathroom and sure enough, he had pooped in the shape of a Y. I’m so proud (dead-pan).

I told Josiah that the ocean was salty. He said he wanted to taste it. I proceeded to tell him about all the icky stuff that gets in the ocean and why that wouldn’t be a good idea. So he says to me, “What about crab slobber?”

Josiah’s favorite Worship Song: “Holy, Holy are you Lord God Almighty. Wordy is the Lamb, Wordy is the Lamb. You are Holy”.
I was talking to Josiah about dinosaurs being extinct, and he says, “Why do dinosaurs stink?”

“Do butterflies poop?”

“I’ve got a bad feeling.”

“I have an underwear rash” (instead of diaper rash).

I was telling Josiah that it is never too late to talk to God. He promptly pipes up with, “But it’s always too late to talk to Satan”.

“Mom! I ate some of the hairs off my arm, and they taste yummy!”

I was admiring Josiah’s beautiful eyes and asked him to look at me so I could see them better. After a second, he says, “Can I have my eye balls back?”

Sweet Things:

“Mom, I like you. You’re a great mom.”

“Mamma, when I grow up I want to teach my kids about Jesus”.

“Hailey Baby, you look beautiful today.”


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

OK, those were hilarious! I love the eyeball one!

We'll have a good laugh at that with him when he's older.

Glad you got it figured out!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

It is still telling me I have to create a blog, yet it is allowing me to post and change my settings and stuff. I don't get it!

Glad you liked the Josiahisms. I think I'll read those aloud at his graduation or something.


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