Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dirt Bikin' at Alvord Desert

To the left, Mom takes Josiah for a ride.

Above, picked wild fruit at the Miner's Ochard

We are taking in the gorgeous scenery at the Agate Mines. There were wild horses below us. We founds some agates to put on my Grandpa and Carl's (friend of the family) graves. To the right, Mom takes off with Josiah for his first dirt bike ride down to Alvord Hot Springs were we all took an evening dip to wash the dust off before bed. I forgot how much I love the desert! It was so much fun returning after not having been able to go for the past 7 years because of pregnancies, deployments, etc. It was the first time Michael has been down there since before we were married (over 13 years ago). I was so pleased that both he and the kids seemed to love it as much as I do. We are going to try to start taking a trip down there once a year.

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