Saturday, September 20, 2008

Josiah Wins a Watermelon Eating Contest!

We found out that Josiah is highly competitive (I don't know where he gets it) when he won the Watermelon Eating Contest at the Muddy Frog Water Festival in Milton-Freewater this July. He watched the big kids compete first and they weren't using their hands, so that is what he was doing at first. When we realized they weren't making the little kids do that, we told him he could use his hands. That kid went through that watermelon like it was nothin', seeds and all. He had a good size cheering section, too. They were all chanting "Go Josiah" and he just started eating even faster. He was working on the rind when they declared him the winner. He was SOOO excited to win something. He got a $5 bill and a ticket for a free treat at DQ. He was in 7th heaven! Thanks, Mom, for signing him up! And guess what? He still likes watermelon!

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