Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hailey's First Time Bowling

A couple of weekends ago, when we went to Joseph to visit Michael, we got to take the kids bowling in Joseph's vintage bowling alley. They filled up their "gutter guards" with air. After Hailey would roll her ball, Michael would run along side (we were on the end) and give it a good push so it would actually make it to the pins. We managed to get one game in. Hailey was getting pretty tired by the end of the game.

Josiah had a great time, too. We were teaching him how to roll the ball, not drop it! He wanted to get a strike so bad, but no such luck. Mama got 3 strikes and 4 spares. Not bad for someone who only bowls once every 4 years.

First time bowler!
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Connie said...

What fun you had! She looks so cute.


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