Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Have You Seen The Pumpkin Man?

Martha, Martha! I'm freakin' myself out with all the fall crafts I've been doing this year. Having kids is forcing me to expand my horizons. I got the idea of stacking pumpkins in a Martha Stewart magazine my mom gave me. I decided to make a pumpkin man out of all the pumpkins that Josiah accidently broke the handles off. I added the sticks for arms. I didn't get the right camera angle here, so you can't see the cute cinnoman stick nose, although you can see it on Hailey's pumpkin. We put a light inside the pumpkin man's head.

Here are all the pumpkins we carved. Josiah carved the big one on the left. I carved Hailey's while she was sleeping. I loved the long, twisted stalk on her pumpkin. Of course we saved the seeds to roast and eat for snacks later.

I relectantly let Josiah carve his own pumpkin this year with great supervision. He did really good. Once he started carving, he didn't want to stop. The mouth on his pumpkin kept getting bigger and bigger. I thought he did an excellent job for only being 6 years old. As we were carving the pumpkins, he kept telling me, "This is the funnest day of my life, Mom!". I thought that was so cute.

I just had to throw in this last picture of Hailey since she wasn't in on the pumpkin carving. Yesterday morning I was putting together my slow-cook garlic chicken recipe (see sidebar for lables-->recipes-dinner) and she was helping. I gave her a piece of garlic to "chop" with her safe cutter knife, I turn around and she had eaten half the clove. That's our girl! We love garlic around here. I was just surprised a two year old would eat a raw clove of garlic. Very healthy for her.

It was snowing this morning when I went to Curves. First snow of the year. Not sticking, but we are supposed to get more throughout the day. Maybe our pumpkin man will have a snowman friend soon?

God Bless,
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Connie said...

The pumpkins are terrific! I, too, like doing things with them without having to carve all of them. Some years I am into carving, other years I do not want the mess. You did great!

Unknown said...

WE carved pumpkins yesterday and the kids had a blast. It some times still amazes me at how excited they get at the little things. Doesn't take much to make them happy! Your pumpkins look great!!

Catherine said...

Your own kids are darling little pumpkins themselves! The bloomers you made in the previous blog are cute, Jackie; you did a good job.

Unknown said...

Those are some great looking pumpkins!

RaD said...

I love the pumpkin man! That was a cute idea. I feel like I've been all crafty this week too. I haven't posted what I've been up to lately but should be in just a few days.


Great pics:) I love anything pumpkin. Have a great day. Blessings,

Marie said...

Oh! Your pumpkin man is so cute and so are the children. Snow? You can send us some of that! Thanks for signing my blog and I hope you will return.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

That is amazing! The kids and I are going to try to try this if we have pumpkins that will balance like that. Very cool! You are doing great, Jack!

christy rose said...

Great job on the pumpkin decor! It is so cute!


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