Monday, October 5, 2009

Kricket's Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

I got this recipe from my mom, Kricket. It is easy, healthy and tasty! The more condiments you can add to this, the better. After I make homemade broth, this is a great way to use it up. This is also a really nice soup to serve when having company because people can add what they want. It is sure to be a hit!

Kricket's Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe:

2 quarts of chicken broth
1 small can of diced green chilies (I use mild)
1 small diced onion (you could leave this out and add it as a condiment)
2 cups shredded or diced chicken
1 Tbl lime juice
1/2 tsp cumin
salt and pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients and bring to a boil and simmer 15 minutes

Serving options:
Crushed tortilla chips (start saving the one crushed chips at the bottom of the bag) stale is fine
shredded cheese
sour cream
fresh diced tomatoes
fresh diced avacadoes
fresh chopped cilantro


christy rose said...

Wow this sounds warm and delicious! I am printing this off to try. Thanks,

Fruitful Vine2 said...

Hi Jackie,
That recipe sounds delicious. I saw your comment on Happy 2 B A Homemaker and decided to pay you a visit.

Have a wonderful day.

Connie said...

That sounds good!

Cat said...

It not only sounds good, but it looks easy. I'm into easy sometimes!

alexis said...

Thanks for the recipe--can't wait to try, it sound so yummy! I don't know about the temperatures where you're at, but they are dropping steadily here in Indiana, making for some great soup weather! Thanks again!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Last night was our first freeze. I'm watching my tomato plants turn brown. BooHoo! Yes, it is perfect soup weather.


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