Friday, June 12, 2009

Homemade Non-Toxic Floor/Carpet Cleaners

OK, so since it is Michael's graduation weekend we are in cleaning mode for his big party it has given us an excuse to try out more and more of our homemade non-toxic cleaners. I'm still just shocked when I see how much I'm saving, how easy they are to make, how safe they are and just how well they work!
Non-toxic, Non-Polish Floor Cleaner Solution/Recipe:

We have the Formica type flooring and non-polish wooden flooring. This recipe works great on both.
In a mop bucket, cover the bottom with about 1/2 to 1 inch distilled white vinegar. Fill to the the 2 gallon mark with water and add 5 drops Tea Tree oil (disinfects) or pine oil for a nice scent if desired. (The vinegar smell with go away as soon as it is dried). Dip mop in, ring and start mopping! It works just as well as Pine Sol, but in much healthier to breath.
Non-toxic Carpet Cleaning Solution/Recipe:
In a spray bottle, mix half and half, distilled white vinegar and distilled or filtered water. Spray carpet generously, then steam clean.
We had some high traffic areas that were really matted down. Can spray some dish soap mixed with water in a spray bottle over the vinegar solution. Use a scrub brush that won't damage your carpet. Scrub area well, then steam clean really well until soap is completely rinsed out of carpet. Our carpets look awesome. I wish I would have taken before and after pictures, but that might have been a little embarrassing! Once again, the vinegar smell with go away as soon as the carpet is completely dry.


Naomi said...

We have a lady here that you could find on the web called Shannon Lush. Her background is in chemistry and she is absolutely amazing. I use the same thing as you to clean the floors and it really does work. She knows how to get anything out of anything and only uses natural things that are good for the environment and our families.

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