Friday, November 30, 2012

Nov Prairie Primer: "On The Banks of Plum Creek"

When I posted this picture of me trying to stuff myself , my dress and petticoat in behind the wheel of my Subaru on the way to the co-op meeting, my cousin's comment about a "pioneer airbag" made me LOL. Yes, I'm sure it has been confirmed in our neighborhood that we are officially crazy.  

How is it possible for this unit study to get any more fun? We've learned so much this month. I thought I'd share just some highlights from the two Prairie Primer co-op meetings we've had this month. 

We learned about food chains.

Oxen and animal classification.

Manners charade game. The best part about this game was just before we began, Hailey's hoop skirt came untied and dropped right in front of everyone. Everyone roared with laughter and Hailey laughed right along with them. Great way to start a game about manners, LOL.

Made grasshoppers and studied about the grasshopper infestation of the 1870s.

After reading about how the Ingalls family entertained themselves for days on end while a blizzard blew outside, we all told our favorite story or game we grew up playing. This is the mouse tickle game.

Our children are becoming good friends and it is only November! They look forward to seeing each other and are starting to make plans and such.

"Little Bunny Foo Foo".

My friend read their favorite story, "The Ox Cart Man".

Hailey recited a true poem I wrote about a rogue turkey named George who lived on our ranch when I was about 8 years old. Yep, it was mating season and poor George didn't have a gal turkey around and I guess my mom's back looked pretty good to him. He didn't make it to second base before my dad pulled him across the goat pen by the neck. He was OK, but my mom's shirt wasn't. What did I do, I commemorated the historic event (in my 8 year old mind) into a poem. My kids just think this poem is hilarious even though they don't have a clue what it is really about ;) 

OK, puttin' myself out there with this one. Don't think I'll get any awards for this one but here it is:

"Georgie Porgie turkey pie,
tore Mama's shirt and made her cry.
When Daddy came out to milk the goat,
Georgie Porgie got pulled by the throat."
The End

Then we did one I learned from my Uncle Dave called "Goin' on a Lion Hunt". Can't believe I still remember this stuff!

Josiah and I made a delicious carrot pie and strawberry rhubarb pie. He did all the lattice work and even cut out the flower and leaves.

We couldn't find a goose, so we settled for turkey with homemade biscuits, gravy and the two pies. All the kids turned their noses up when they heard about the carrot pie, but we made them try it and they ended up really liking it. I'll have to post the recipe one of these days.

This unit study has inspired me to dust off my fiddle and start playing again. I played "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again" and had a blast. I'm working on "Gum Tree Canoe" and brushing up on my Christmas carols for next month. I tell you, I'm learning just as much as my kids and I'm loving it! I don't want to ever be too old to learn.

Leech presentation. I had no idea that leeches have suckers at both ends and that you never want to burn them off or they throw up in your wound possible giving you bad bacteria. Always use a blunt object or your fingernail to scrape them off gently.

We studied water samples from a pond, creek, river and a lake, identifying creatures and drawing them.

We looked at all the samples under a microscope. We all agreed the pond water was the most interesting.

Of course the best part for me is that we get to dress up! Did I tell you I never got over that as a kid? That was my favorite thing to do when growing up 'cause we didn't have TV. Here are two other homeschool moms who are good sports. We're working on the other two and I have high hopes that they'll be dressed up for the next co-op meeting.  Nothing like a little peer pressure, LOL ;) We had to have one serious pose.

But we were having too much fun not to smile! I feel so blessed and privileged to be able to join forces with these ladies and really give our kids something to look forward to twice a month.  Even though it is a lot of work, it is so worth it!

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

You ladies always make me wish I lived closer. I love seeing all the projects you do, especially since you often do the ones I skip. It's a little hard to keep up, right now, the holidays are always so busy. Our current project is trying to replicate anything the Ingalls family did for Christmas for our Ingalls dolls.

Thanks for sharing!

Camille said...

Love these posts my friend! What an ambitious bunch you are with twice a month meetings! It will be a year your children will never forget. What a blessing you are to them! I enjoyed seeing you with your violin. What fun it would be for you and Austin to get together and play duets. :) Happy weekend!


Grandma Becky said...

How fun for all of you to learn this way. I miss the homeschool co-ops. We talk about that once in awhile. Good memories. Enjoyed the old style photos. Dress up is fun! Take care!

RaD said...

I like reading about your Prairie Primer adventures. I'll bet these will be cherished memories for your kiddos and you!


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