Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Winter Camping - I'm Hooked!

Just before Thanksgiving, Michael took some time off of work to go whitetail deer hunting with a black powder rifle. I've NEVER had the desire to go camping in the winter with him. Hunting isn't my thing, although I'm very supportive of Michael. Well, this year we got a wall tent. I still wasn't willing to go until I got a nudging from the Holy Spirit telling me to just give it a try this year. I begrudgingly obeyed and told my hubby that the kids and I would go up for 24 hours. My whole deal is that I HATE to be cold, that is why I avoid most winter sports.  Guess what? He also got a snowmobile. I think God is stretching me! 

After my husband got over his shock (he's been trying to talk me into it for years), I could tell he was thrilled to have us along. Josiah went hunting with him and Hailey and I tended camp. 

Michael made me put this on the blog. Here I am people, keepin' it real in all my greasy-haired, no make up, campin' glory!

After we got camp set up in our wall tent, I felt so spoiled. It is all about the stove, people! As I sat there and looked around I realized our tent was probably bigger than most of the homes Laura Ingalls Wilder had grown up in. We had plenty of room for our cots, chairs, card table, stove, woodpile, luggage, food, another small table with the propane cookstove and lantern. 
 While the boys were out for a sunset hunt, I put Hailey to work crushing oyster crackers so we could try the Oyster Stew recipe out of the "Little House Cookbook". After reading about it on "The Banks of Plum Creek", we all decided we had to try it. We all loved it except Hailey, but she isn't a big soup fan anyhow. She did like the crackers though ;)
 Yum! I will have to post my variation of this recipe later. Can't help homeschooling even when we are camping.
That evening, we sat around and read stories and played dominoes. It was such a nice temperature in the tent. 

The next morning we cut some more wood to get Dad through a lonely night since we all had to leave that day because of homeschooling/dance obligations. I was trying to figure out a way for us to stay another night, but just couldn't because of our tight schedule. I told Michael that we will have to plan more time to camp next year. I couldn't believe how relaxed I felt up there. 

We were camped near a beautiful creek, so the kids and I took a walk and looked for tracks, scat and squirrel middens. 

I've always loved split rail fences. Josiah is holding his hand-fashioned fish spear.

Love the look on Josiah's face.

It is so much easier being out with our redheads in the winter since we don't have to worry about sunblocking them all the time.

We did find this cool bird house, and when we opened it there was an old nest in there. We carefully closed it and left it alone. I love this pic. Didn't notice until I got home that my kids were in the background playing by the creek. Their redheads sure do stand out. Made me love the pic even more. 

I'm so glad I got up the nerve to try winter camping, of course having the wall tent really helped. The kids and I look forward to hunting season next year!

God Bless,


Grandma Becky said...

How fun for you. Glad you had a good time and loved the photos. Thanks for sharing!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I'm so proud of you!

It looks really cozy. I know how much Michael and the kids will love camping with Mom there. Great way to do your Dutch oven cooking too. When it isn't too hot!

Camille said...

What wonderful memories you are building my friend. What a blessing you are to your family!


Anonymous said...

I thought you were all crazy, until I read the blog.(I hate being cold, too, and have a hard time staying warm.) What a wonderful experience! I'm so glad you went, what wonderful memories you just made for the whole family.

And, you look beautiful without makeup!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I can't stand being cold either, it's all about the stove, Baby!

Lizzy said...

I can't stand extreme temps either lol it looks like it was so much fun though! glad you decided to go and make those memories with your family :)


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