Friday, October 28, 2016

Homestead Happenings: Aug 2016

This little girl is now officially at "tween" at 9 years of age. She wanted a Luau-themed birthday party at the local aquatic center. She was blessed to have many friends attend, many from out of town. 

She and Josiah each made a cake. Josiah's was a island theme as was Hailey's. However she drew a big Tiki mask in the middle of her ocean. I made lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for the adults. 

So spoiled!
Best sister trip ever! Five whole days visiting Canada and Leavenworth, WA. Stayed with a blogging friend of ours, Camille and got to meet another blogging friend, Jen, who flew up from Georgia to meet in person! I will write about our trip in a separate post.
Got some huge pumpkins growing this year! The pumpkins were about the only thing that grew in my garden this year. 

Hailey and Rina gave me a pedicure one day.

My stepmom came back from European vacation and Hailey brought back cute t-shirts for the kids. Hailey loved her Paris -shirt with bling. 

Michael and the kids were hard at work building the sheep shed in anticipation of a couple of ewe lambs joining our homesteading venture. 
We decided to add a lean-to to store a ton of hay for the winter. Glad we did!
Meet Dixie and Pixie our first ewe lambs! Josiah and Hailey saved up their money and bought these gals as an investment. They are a welcome addition to Mission RD Homestead.
And then there were three ewe lambs. Our friends daughter couldn't stand the thought of her sweet "Angel " being slaughtered so they brought her to our house where she will continue to be loved and adored. The new pasture mates all seem to get along just fine.

Earning their keep by keeping the weeds down! So glad we aren't going to have to try and mow these pastures anymore. Whew! So hard on the riding lawnmower. 

15 months old. This girl eats dirt like I eat chocolate!

Picked up this circa 1800s spinning wheel at a friend's yard sale. Michael has really wanted one for a long time but I think Hailey is going to be our resident spinner. On the hunt for some good carding paddles now. Glad we just got sheep!

Josiah and Michael went on a day hike with the Boy Scouts. Hot day for it, but he made it. Boy Scouts is sure toughening him up!

We celebrated my mom's 65th birthday. Josiah put 6 candles together and it ended up looking like a torch! Hailey made the layered cake for her. 

Rina is sitting in the cute rocking chair Josiah's great uncle made him. Rina has used it more than any of the kids. 

Hailey's first pedicure. She's officially spoiled! We went with Mom and my niece, Jess. It was super fun to do this together.

 When we got home, we took a picture and Rina put her little foot in the photo at the last moment. Cutest photobomb ever!

Rina loves to swing by herself. I love the look of joy on her face. What a sweetie. 
Josiah went up to the "Tenderfoot" rank in Boy Scouts. He managed to get the polar bear badge despite getting hypothermia at camp. He also earned his fishing, chess, wood carving, wilderness survival and swimming merit badges. So glad he has found his niche!
So proud of this young man!

Canned 30 jars of spicy German dill pickles this year. Much rejoicing in the house. I don't like pickles so this is a labor of love on my part. The whole family has to help with this activity. 

 A MOPS friend of mine took this at a Mother's of Preschoolers beginning of the year picnic. So cute! I've decided to be a mentor mom this year. Love being a part of MOPS again!

Picked up this 1950s solid metal sewing machine for Michael at a yard sale for $25. Michael looked it up and found out it is a hand-built silver-plated Domestic Rotary. It is the Rolls-Royce of sewing machines of its time. It can be used for quilting all the way up to sewing saddle leather. All the accessories are there and the case is in excellent condition. Let's just say it's worth way more than I paid for it even with the one part we need to buy to get it to work. Scored!!!
Last day swimming at the pool! Love her little sunglasses a friend of mine gave her. She keeps them on pretty well, too. 

August is always so busy, but what fun we always have!

God Bless, Jackie


Camille said...

You are really catching up with your posts, Jackie! Well done! :) Your little Rina is a cutie and your older two are both beautiful (handsome for Josiah)...I saw a bit of Lily in that last you see it, too? I am so glad we were able to have had a few days together...the Lord is so very good to us, isn't He? Love, Camille xo

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Yes! She sure is looking like Lily with those cheeks and blonde hair 😀 I'm trying to reply to comments. Can you tell me if you got this comment sent to your email or not? Not really sure how it works but trying to figure it out.

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Gee whiz, your kids are getting so big. My daughter loved the luau theme birthday parties. I probably did at least 3 like that. Now she's grown and married with a baby of her own and one on the way. Time goes by so fast.
I always love getting a glimpse of your life. So fun.
Have a lovely day friend.

Harris said...

That first pedicure is always a precious moment. What a great time you had!


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