Saturday, October 22, 2016

Virginia Trip Part 6: Civil War Living History Museum in Pamplin, Virginia

Michael got out of class early on day, so we headed to a privately owned Civil War living history museum located on the far western edge of the Petersburg Union-held siege works, at Pamplin, Virginia.  
 There were some beautiful memorial bronzes right out front of the museum. 
Examples of siegeworks around Pamplin, VA. 

There was a Confederate winter camp located here. They had a couple of examples of what the Confederate soldiers would lived in during the winter. 

This little cabin had a sign that said "Hotel D'Louse'" I think that pretty much said it all. I can't image the conditions these soldiers were living in. Way more soldiers died of disease than in battle. 
This reenactor did a great job of showing us how to fire a Civil War era rifle as well as explaining winter camp conditions of the Civil War soldier. 

This is where the "Breakthrough" battle took place and the Union was finally able to shatter the Confederate siege works and effectively cut off the Confederate supply lines to Petersburg and Richmond. 2,800 Confederates ,mostly older men and teenage boys lost their lives in the Breakthrough Battle. 

 This put Lee on the run west to Appomattox Court House where he finally surrendered to Grant a few days later.
 Original earthworks. 
There was a modest plantation on these grounds and the house was still there.

 It was turned into a Confederate officers quarters during the siege. 

They replicated the slaves quarters. This was an example of a field slaves' quarters. 
Very dark and dingy inside. 

 There was a chicken yard in the back where slaves were sometimes allowed to keep chickens to supplement their diets and sell eggs. This was completely dependent on what their master would allow. The white cabin in the background is an example of small house where the household slaves with live. 

 There was an amazing interactive museum on the grounds as well where you walked into a "battle" with noise, rumbling floor and blasts of air hitting you as you walked towards the enemy firing at you through a video screen. It made an impression for sure. Very sobering.

Here is a piece of a tree with a cannonball stuck in it. 
I thought this was amazing! 

It was a super hot day, so we didn't stay as long as we would have liked to walk the trails. However, what we did see, was very worth the price of admission. Plus they gave a military discount. I would highly recommend visiting Pamplin, Va, if you are in the area. 

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