Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Virginia Vacation Part 7: Petersburg Cemetery and Blandford Church

The last day we were in Virginia, we rushed over to see the enormous Petersburg Cemetery before we had to head out of town to take me to the Richmond Airport. So different from what you see in the West. 

The statuary was amazing!
The oldest grave in the cemetery dated back to 1702. The most incredible thing is that the man who did was 87 years of age. Most people didn't live that long back then. The stone has deteriorated badly, so this man's relatives made another in front of it.  

There were also graves dating back to 1702 the War of 1812 soldiers buried in this cemetery, too. The monuments and wrought iron were beautiful and so interesting. This monument was erected in honor of the Cockade's a volunteer company out of Petersburg who fought in the War of 1812.

There were Confederate flags on all the soldiers who fought for the Confederacy. Had no idea the South did this still. 

This is the entrance into the mass grave sites where 30,000 Confederate soldiers (of which only 2,800 where identified) were dug up in shallow graves all around Petersburg and then reburied in mass graves sorted by Confederate state. 

 So many young men killed in action. You could read this gravestone very well.

This monument overlooked the Confederate mass graves. I can't remember who the soldier was, but he was quoted as saying he would never turn his back on the North and so he faces that way today.  
 Walking the trails between the mass graves sorted by Southern states. Seeing a modern day soldier in this historical place gives me chills. So proud of my husband! I pray he will not have to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country, but I know he is willing to do so.

The words on this side of the large monument spanning the road say, "Awaiting the Revelry" 

Last thing we did in Virginia was visit the Blandford Church in the Petersburg Cemetery. It was used as a field hospital during the siege of Petersburg. Afterwards it was turned into a confederate war memorial.

 It is one of 9 buildings in existence that has all its windows entirely made of original Tiffany stained glass. Walking through this building made me really appreciate the art of stained glass on a whole new level. Sadly we weren't able to take pictures inside the building. St Peter's sword literally glowed! I really enjoyed learning about this place through the eyes of our tour guide who was an expert on the meaning and construction of each window. Really interesting. 

Well it was back to Richmond and then I flew home in the morning and Michael (after his flight got cancelled) was able to join us the next day. We enjoyed our time in Virginia, but were so happy to be back in Oregon as whole family unit once again. I'll never forget this trip and I hope to be able to take the kids back there someday, too. 

God Bless,


Camille said...

I so enjoy reading tombstones and visiting cemeteries. What magnificent places you were able to visit on your trip with your hubby, Jackie...the Lord is so very good to us, isn't He? Hugs! Camille xo

magnoliasntea said...

Enjoyed this post, Jackie. And I would liked to have seen a photo of those stained glass windows! Too bad you weren't allowed to take any. We couldn't at a few places on our trip either. The first photo of the grieving woman statue makes my eyes sting.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

It was amazing! I'll never forget it. And yes, God is so good! I'm currently working on the Canada trip post. It takes me a long time to get a post done but I'm staying motivated thanks to blogtoprint!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh I know! It was such a moving statutešŸ˜¢


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