Monday, October 3, 2016

Virginia Trip Part 1: Petersburg Siegeworks and Old Town Petersburg

Michael was in Ft. Lee, Virginia for a 2 month Warrant Officer school. Thanks to being an on-call tour guide for the Pendleton Underground Tours, I was able to make enough money from that and the tips I often times receive to fly back East to visit him for a week. Being the Civil War buff that I am, visiting Virginia was a dream come true!

Visited Confederate and Union siege works at Petersburg battlefield. The siege last approximately 10 months before the Union soldiers were finally able to march into the town of Petersburg, effectively cutting off supplies to the confederate army and Richmond and making it impossible for Lee to keep fighting.

Standing on hallowed ground. The Dictator was an 13" mortar cannon that was used to shell the town of Petersburg from a distance of two miles. 

Over 37 miles of siegeworks around Petersburg, VA.

Afterwards went back into old town Petersburg to visit antique shops and eat delicious Cajun food at a new restaurant that had just opened.

 Toured old town Petersburg last night. Prism glass in the sidewalks so they must have had service tunnels.
This building is extremely old. It was the custom house and then armement house at one time for the town of Petersburg. It burned down in the 1980s. Glad they didn't completely tear it down. We don't have buildings this old in the west! 

Got caught in a rainstorm. It was like someone turned on a fire hose! Super hot and humid but such friendly people both on base and off. 

A huge thanks to all who watched our kids and took care of the homestead so Michael and I could have some much needed time together. So blessed!


magnoliasntea said...

Hi Jackie! Sounds like you had a very interesting trip. I'm so glad you got to explore the Petersburg site. I've never been there myself so I enjoyed the post.
We were 18th Century re-enactors and are in the middle of planning a trip to Mt. Vernon and Colonial Williamsburg. Can't wait.
Have a great week!

Camille said...

What a blessing that you were able to go meet up with Michael for a week!! The Lord is so very good to us, isn't He? Big Hugs to you! Camille xo

Jill said...

Love visiting historical sites, always a pleasant time and how wonderful you two were able to get some alone time together. Love all the photos!


Becky L. said...

Thanks for sharing your time away with Micheal. Glad you got to go be with him. Oh the history in those places...amazing, huh? I remember going to Gettysburg years ago while in PA. We usually wind up in museums on trips, which we did this weekend in the Gorge! Phil can remember so much of it and I retain a wee bit. I look at a lot of it and find things that I'm interested in, which helps me remember it better. Hugs and blessings!


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