Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My sister wrote this and I just copied it from her blog because it echoes my own sentiments exactly.

This is what she wrote:

I went to bed really early last night, determined to not worry and follow the elections. Worrying and following it state by state would not change the outcome. I woke up very early this morning and got online to check. Obama has won. I am disappointed but not surprised. This shows us that we live in very liberal times and a very liberal country. As a Christian it is my job to trust that God raises leaders and allows them to fall. I have know idea how God will use this man as our president. I'm sure that somethings will be better, but I'm afraid for this country in other aspects, such as abortion and how he is going to get us out of the war in Iraq. We shall see. My job is to not trust in my leaders but to trust in God.

My children will be disappointed. They wanted McCain to win because he was against abortion. I have already started to have to talk to them about honoring our leaders as the Bible has said we should. This will be my big challenge today. I pray for wisdom.

Black people are celebrating around the world and I am happy for them. It must be a huge victory in that regard. I even got an email from our friends in Kenya that said the whole city was rejoicing. I am all for a black president. I don't care if the president is red, yellow, black or white, as long as he does his job well and doesn't push his liberal agenda on the people.

This will be an interesting time. I think Christians are going to have to learn to stop being so passive and start realizing that their freedoms are going to start slipping away if they don't start voicing their concerns. They are going to have to learn to fight in a godly way. Because decade by decade there WILL be fewer Christians as the world heads into the end times. There WILL be persecution. It says so in the Bible.

My job as a parent is to prepare my children for that persecution. My job is to teach them to take a stand for Christ, while loving the people around them. My job is to teach them that it's OK for Christians to write their congressmen and follow the political news so that they are well-informed individuals who can carry on an intelligent conversation about such things. We can't just stick our heads in the stand as say, "I give up!".

Soooo, that's my humble opinion on recent events. I am now going to grab my Bible and do a bunch of praying for my country, President-Elect Obama, and for my own family.


blessedmomof3 said...

That's how I feel too. I did a lot of praying, and crying as well, over the whole thing. I am not happy with the outcome at all, but I know I still need to pray for our new president, that he will make wise choices for America. Wish I could have been there to vote, although it wouldn't have made any difference.

Seems a lot of Australians, from what I have seen, wanted Obama to win. And my husband keeps saying "Is he really any worse than Bush?" He just doesn't get it.


Dionne said...

I can definitely see your point, and although I supported Obama, and believe that John McCain is a good man, I think your sister's post drives home another all too important point. We DO take too much stock in our earthly leaders. Sure, God tells us to respect and obey our leaders, but we must remember that they are earthly men like us and are just as easily tempted and swayed as other men. I guess my point is that obviously we all have our own opinions politically, religiously, or what have you; which is fine. But in the end, it's our own responsibility to live good wholesome lives, take care of our families, be good examples, etc. We certainly hope that whomever the president is, that they can lead in a responsible manner... at least we hope, and pray that they will have similar beliefs and morals. I cant imagine that Obama and McCain differ TOO much on morals, but their parties obviously do...
Just my take..
Love your blog.....


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