Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fun Day Shopping Along the Old Oregon Trail

We had a great time in Baker City today as a family. It was neat to get out of town for the day and just do things as a family. No, I didn't take any pictures because I didn't want to scrapbook them. I'm getting so behind! It sure is fun taking Josiah to museums now because he's actually asking what things are and how they work. We love history and every chance we get, we impart that passion to him. I've always especially loved Oregon Trail history, and we live right along the Oregon Trail so we've had many opportunities to walk down the actual ruts created by hundreds of thousands of pioneers.

We also did some shopping there. I bought a new Dutch oven cookbook and a bunch of scrap booking items and some Easter presents for the family. I also found this wonderful book called "The Frugal Housewife". It is full of old-time cleaning and medicinal tips as well as economical tips such as the cheapest cuts of meat that go the farthest. Some things in it are purely historical, others comical and still others practical. It is a great book and very inexpensive. The other wonderful find was a book (geared towards children) that has a whole bunch of old-time songs with the music and lyrics (all the verses). Each song has a history behind it and many of the verses are hilarious. There are old stories and jokes thrown in all over the place. Josiah's favorite joke so far is "What did the surprised hen say when she laid a square egg?" Answer: "Ouch!" He thought that was so funny! We thought it was cute, too.
Anyway, we managed to fit in two large museums, do a little shopping and walk on the Old Oregon Trail for a bit. It always gives me chills to walk in those wagon ruts. I just can't imagine what those pioneers when through to get out West. They must have been such hardy people. We can all learn a lot from their stories.

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Rachel and Family said...

Sounds like such a great day!

I so want to learn the art of Dutch oven cooking. I've been wanting to learn for years ever since I saw a show on it.

Frugal housewife sounds neat! I have a book on how to Mother that was first published over 100 years ago. A lot of it is relative, some is just hilarious!

David's class is doing an intensive study on the oregon trail. I want to write about it on my blog, because it is so cool the things they're doing. I wish I was a 4th grader! I too love history, especially as it relates to women.

I hope you had a great Easter, Jackie. You deserve it!! Who else could mother 2 redheads! (ha!ha!)


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