Friday, April 17, 2009

Visiting Glavey Ranch

A couple weeks ago the kids and I stayed at Glavey Ranch where my dad and step-mom live. The kids always have a wonderful time. It was sunny but cold, especially in the mornings. I saddled up Baker Man, one of their miniature horses. He's a sweetie and does great with the kids. This was Hailey's first time on a horse. She was OK until he snorted and that was it for her.

Hailey wanted to go on the tire swing so badly that I finally let her. She held on for dear life and was laughing and squealing the whole time. She's my adrenaline junky.

Josiah and I helped Papa feed the cows both mornings we were there. Papa always lets him steer the feed truck on the way back. Josiah thinks he's hot stuff!

Here's a picture of Dad and Josiah on the back of the flatbed feed truck. Josiah got to help Papa push the hay off, while I drove the truck. Growing up, we always fed with an old tractor and trailer. It was nice sitting in an enclosed pick-up cab those crisp mornings.

Josiah is having a conversation with "Hamburger". He's telling him his fate and what Papa has planned for him. Luckily, Hamburger seemed pretty unaware of what is going to happen to him. He absolutely insisted on wearing his cowboy hat, like Papa, even though he had a stocking cap on underneath. It was funny looking, but he was warm!
As always, we have a great time when we're out there. The kids just love to roam, explore and get dirty! My parents have really carved out a lovely life for themselves at Glavey Ranch.


aimee said...

What a GREAT photo of the mini horse and kids!! Love it:)
We are in the Pacific NW too--but not the eastern part; however I have been through there many times and love your Blue Mts. the Wallowas and everyone I've met there!
Blessings, aimee

CB said...

Your kids are so super cute, goodness gracious! lol

RaD said...

I can't to visit this summer so our kids can get that country experience. They love it when we come up and have already began to talk about what they're going to do. They also like to see your blog from time to time to see what Josiah has been up to.

Love ya!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I love Hailey's hat!

I also love the picture of Dad and Josiah feeding the cows!

Freckles and Frogs said...

Cute pictures! Okay, so our tag-along bike just bit the dust today.... I called our local G.I. Joes (now just called Joe's), since they are closing, just to see how much they are. On line, they are $99 with free shipping. In the store, they are $99 with 20% off of that. I think there is one in Tri Cities, if you're headed that way, might be worth the call. The one in our local store is an InStep brand I think. Enjoy your sunshine!

cookie said...

I enjoyed reading about your visit to your father's ranch. It brought back memories of my childhood visits to families memeber's frams.
The cold mornings with frosty mornings,the clear air and open skies. Hot summers running through the woods squishing cow manure between my toes, playing in the hayloft and a horse named Cherry.
Being a city girl the country life was a real treat. Thanks for reminding me. I love to see how the kids are growing and the picture of Hailey on the swing was priceless. Love Aunt cookie


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