Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First Soccer Game and First Goal

Yesterday was Josiah's first soccer game. I was a little worried about how he would do because he can be a poor sport sometimes when we are playing games. I gave him the sportsmanship lecture and he must have listened because he did great. His first soccer game they got creamed. I think it was something like 1 to 13. I was really pleased because he kept a good attitude the whole game.

I don't know why this picture is flipped, but I hope you can see Josiah standing over the boy he just knocked over. He's shouting, " I'm really sorry, it was an accident!". The crowd was hysterical. The kid was OK. This was the second game. He did a lot better. Sorry the picture is out of order!

In the first game, Josiah was really aggressive, but he was all elbows. He'd push himself into the pack, elbowing all the way. We had a talk about that later. He did much better about it in the second game.

Josiah was typically looking everywhere except the ball. Again, he did a lot better in the second game. He's really learning a lot and quickly it seems.

Here is a picture of Josiah right after he made his very first goal. He was so excited, he even gave the coach "five". This was the second game. His team won that game. He definitely has an encourager's heart. Some of the parents were ready to give him some pom poms! He kept track of the score and cheered every time one of his teammates got a goal.

During his last round of playing, apparently he couldn't wait to go to the bathroom. There was a port-a-potty right on the edge of the field and he just ran out of the game to go. I was grateful that he went in the outhouse instead of on the field. I did make him apologize to his coach for leaving the game without permission. Again, you could hear the crowd laughing. He is just so precocious! All in all, even though the last two days have been exhausting trying to keep Hailey off the field and getting dinner ready in time before we have to go to a game (they are all evening games), it has been worth it. I see my son learning teamwork and how to be a good sport.


Jessica said...

That is awesome! He's learning so many wonderful life tools through team sports, can't wait 'til my Josiah's old enough for that! Congrats to J on his first goal and team's win!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

that is so funny about the bathroom! but so Josiah!

Rachel and Family said...

I loved reading about Josiah! What a cutie! I was laughing at the part when he went to the port a potty! How funny!! You seem like such a good Momma to your kids! It's not easy raising redheads (ha!ha!)

Rachel and Family said...

PS... You all sure start soccer early!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Thank you everyone! Josiah was just thrilled to get that goal. They don't do soccer in the fall around here because it gets way too cold and nasty. So summer it is. At least they don't have games on the weekends. I appreciate that!

Naomi said...

That aggressiveness and push now will turn into skill and talent later. He is so cute. I love the picture of him standing over the boy saying sorry.

Jennifer said...

My kids would've done the same thing with the bathroom also. They have a totally different way of thinking.

Freckles and Frogs said...

That is great! Love the stories! We are excited for soccer in the fall! He cracks me up! The bright red hair totally adds to his character! Love it!


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