Thursday, July 23, 2009

Take Me Down Into The River

Here are some shots of the kids playing in the river. Hailey managed to lose one of her shoes. Josiah spent most of the time trying to catch a fish with his bare hands. The crawdads in that river will never be the same! The kids still had a wonderful time and would love to go back soon! Maybe I'll take Stacie and her kids this weekend.
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Marie said...

Oh, boy! That looks like fun!

Cat said...

We lost a shoe in the Snake River in Lewiston one day, and went back the next day to play in the same area; God produced it for us! We were all so happy. Your kids are darling!

I'm asking for prayer for Stephen and Lovella. Their truck caught fire and burned to un-usable condition yesterday on Main Street in the afternoon. S. had the kids with him, all got out, and the paperwork on the dash was just barely saved...all the work records. Please pray that this set-back is something they will let God use for good, that they will not waiver in their faith walk.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...


Thanks for commenting. Hope you come back often!


Stacie and I will be praying for Lovella and Stephen. Glad everyone got out.

RaD said...

Do I spy the Grande Rhonde River there? Perhaps the section of it down by the bridge at Riverside Park? That's the river on the pictures in my header. I'll e-mail you later to explain how I did that, ummm... If I can, anyway!

Naomi said...

They are the most beautiful photos. That creek is just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I remember playing in a river as a child. What fun it was nothing is quite the same. Our kids are such city kids Julisa said she wouldn't swim in the ocean nothing but a pool.
I love the pictures of them the are so cute, it is nice to watch them grow. I would miss so much, being over 2,000 miles away, if not for your blogg. Thanks so much Jackie Love Aunt Cookie


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