Sunday, July 12, 2009

Great Weekend of Riding

Michael was a very supportive husband and let me go for three motorcycle rides this weekend. I usually don't get to ride on the weekdays, so he's great about letting me ride on the weekends. It is my decompression time. I love it! On Saturday, I ran into our old neighbor and invited he and his wife for a ride. That was the first time I'd ever ridden with anybody else. It was kind of nice riding with someone else. After church today, I really wanted to try riding on the freeway for little way. I've never done that before and was a little nervous to go by myself, so Michael packed up the kids in the Subaru (great time for Hailey to take a nap) and he followed me. What a guy! We ended up driving to Ukiah and let the kids play in the park and bought ice cream at the little store. It was a beautiful ride although quite windy. On the way home, I rode just in front of a storm. It was very windy on the freeway but Michael said I did well. I hate riding in strong winds! I'll try to avoid that when I can in the future. Here is a picture of me on my ride out to Medical Springs with Lindsey and Paula.

Lindsey and Paula are wonderful friends and great people to go riding with. He made me take the lead. Later, I asked him if I was slowing him down but said he was worried he would slow me down. I really do ride the speed limit (+5 sometimes)!

When I got home today, Hailey was trying to put on my jacket. She kept saying, "Heavy, Heavy!". I helped her put it on and she loved it. Of course, I had to take a picture. It cracks me up the way the sleeves drag on the floor.


Rachel and Family said...

How FUN!!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Looks like you did a good job and had fun. Glad that wind didn't knock you over.

blessedmomof3 said...

Hey there biker chick! Hehe! Sounds like you have been having a lot of fun Jackie! Have you heard anymore about the job situation for Michael, if he will be able to get the permananet job, or is it a bit too early to know?


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