Monday, July 6, 2009

Last Day in God's Country

Poor Hailey she wasn't feeling good at all on the last day. She had thrown up all over our sleeping bags, the tents, pillows, blanket and even poor Michael, in the middle of the night. I felt so bad for her. She had to lovely rounds and let me tell you we were ready for "the dawn's early light" (no pun intended). By the late afternoon of the next day, she was feeling way better and back to her cute self. She's been fine ever since, PTL.

She loves her Nana and Papa. Nana brought all kinds of yummy 4th of July treats (we made ice cream in a bag and ate red/white and blue jello. Hailey had never had Jello before, so it was funny seeing her play with texture of it as she was eating.

Here she is with Papa.

Michael learned to play Wash Shoes. This is a family tradition. We always play it when we go camping. After all these years, I still stink at it. Michael did really well though.

Hailey is helping her daddy roll up the tent. We had the lovely flat deck to pitch out the tent on. It was nice because the bees and mosquitoes were at a minimum this year. We love tent camping. We can't wait to go back. Horses and off-road vehicles with nobody but our family around -This was our kind of camping!

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Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Hailey looks so cute in these pictures! I didn't know that Michael didn't know how to play Washoes. It was fun having him camp with us.


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