Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Poor Hailey Baby!

Hailey Baby is sick. Don't know what is wrong. I was on the phone this morning with my boss and she yacked all over. That'll bring an abrupt end to any conversation! Luckily, he's got two young kids, so he understood. She hasn't eaten much since yesterday at lunch. No diarrhea, no fever, just can't hold anything down. She seemed like she was feeling better and Josiah was begging me to go to the homeschool playdate in the park, so against my better judgement I put her in the bike trailer and we biked over to the local park. Just before we got to the park, she up-chucked all over. I changed her and she seemed again like she was feeling better and wanted to play. I had a picnic lunch packed and she barely ate anything, mostly drank water. She played for about a half hour then started getting clingy again. I knew I better get her home. Just as we pulled away, she did her thing again, poor baby. What do I? I don't have any other clothes to change her into and we've got to bike home. Josiah was on his bike, so it was pretty slow going. He's still using training wheels. We came home, I stripped her down, put her to bed and hosed the bike trailer out. That was my morning! Hope yours was better. I'm praying my little angel gets to feeling better soon.

BTW, the 3 sleeping bags she threw up on while we were camping cost us $45 to clean. Ouch! We could have bought one brand new sleeping bag with that money. LOL!

P.S. Anybody have any tips for teaching kids to ride a bike without training wheels?


Jessica said...

Oh, I do hope she recovers soon! It's icky to feel sicky...poor pumpkin!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

poor baby

Amy said...

Poor thing :( Emily used to throw up ALL the time and we couldn't figure out why. Finally after numerous doctor visits we took her to an allergist and she was allergic to eggs. Once we took them out of her diet she was fine. We had her tested again a couple of years ago and she's not allergic anymore. Her cheeks would get red a lot too and that was a sure sign that she had something with egg in it. You have to watch those redheads they seem to be allergic to everything! Good Luck!!!!!

RaD said...

Glad she's feeling all better now. I was just wondering the other day about ways to teach Elisha to ride his bike, because he is seven afterall. Then today I saw a dad on a skateboard holding onto the handle bars of his little girl's bike. You could tell she was just learning to ride because she was all wobbly. But I thought it was kind of a neat idea since he didn't have to run along beside her. Not that I would do it but it looked good.

Freckles and Frogs said...

glad she's feeling better! What an ordeal!

Noah's had to do with his cousin riding his bike too. He wanted to be able to ride with Jake so badly! We had him on a tiny tiny bike so he could be sitting on the sit with his feet completely on the ground. That helped with his confidence. Plus he could "walk" the bike while sitting on it.

That helped with balance.

Another trick my brother taught was, was to have him sit on the bike and hold the rear of the bike up, so it's just balancing on the front tire and keep holding and have him peddle as fast as he could.

That also helped with getting him used to peddling and feeling fast.

good luck!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Thanks for all your comments regarding Hailey and also the tips for riding a bike. I'm definitely going to be trying some of these.


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