Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 Family Christmas Letter

We got the Thomas Kinkade themed-tree up. I've waited 9 years to do this tree. I felt like the kids were finally old enough. I wired on all TK bulbs that were given to me by my Grandma and Grandpa Nicholson over the years. The tree is in memory of my Grandpa Nick who died this summer. Please pray for my Grandma as she faces her first Christmas without him.Every bulb has a different painting on it.

Family 2012 Christmas Letter

Hello, friends and family! Hope this letter finds you all well. Is it just me or does it seem the harder you try to slow down, the busier you seem to get? We've had another busy year as I'm sure you can guess!.

Michael started his dream-job as a tank mechanic for the Oregon National Guard a little over a year ago and he is loving it. The only downside to taking this job is that we will eventually have to move to make the commute much more bearable. We were told he would start working in  the new shop last April, but it is now December and the new shop still hasn't been built. We decided to take our house off the market over the winter and try again in the spring when the shop should be getting finished. In the meantime, Michael is working out of the local shop. We are grateful to get to stay here a little longer amongst our friends. The upside of moving is that we will be closer to family and we're hoping to realize our homesteading dream. We continue to wait in peace for God's will regarding this move.

We are still homeschooling despite some difficult days. The rewards are enormous and I'm seeing some great character development and a love of the Lord growing in my children. I've really switched up the curriculum this year and have joined a “Little House on the Prairie” co-op group which has made learning really fun for our whole family. Josiah is a 3rd grader this year and Hailey is a Kindergartner  Josiah is reading very well and he seems to be a natural at math and science. I'm currently teaching Hailey how to read and she is starting to catch on quickly.

Hailey is in a beginning dance class where she is being introduced to ballet, tap and tumbling. She loves to dance just like her mama. Josiah works a few hours a week for a friend and is learning all kinds of great life skills. He saved up enough money to buy a youth hunting bow so he can go hunting with his dad next fall. We were very proud of him! Both kids are in AWANA in addition to all the homeschooling activities we are part of. They are also participating in the creation science class I help teach to homeschoolers in the area.

Michael got promoted to Staff Sergeant this past year. He has been blessed with many new-to-us toys: a four-wheeler, wall tent and a snowmobile. He is enjoying all three. He continues to plug away at fixing the T-Bucket, too. He is currently the Sergeant in Arms for the Eastern Oregon Celtic Society and did the security for the Celtic Festival last August. We also hope to get closer to our dream of Civil War reenacting this year.

I've enjoying my last year of being involved with MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and the wonderful homeschool group we have in our valley. The Prairie Primer unit study we've been doing has inspired me to pick up my fiddle again and I've had a blast recalling old tunes as well as teaching myself new ones. I have a feeling Hailey will enjoy fiddling, too. Josiah is interested in learning how to play the bagpipes. His first lesson is next week and he can't wait! I've been taking a once-a-month sewing class from my neighbor. Josiah has been taking lessons from her weekly and learning how to quilt. I'm also exploring photography a little more.

We look forward to next year, knowing God has our best interests at heart and He will move us when He is ready. We will miss our friends, but know our move will also hold many future blessings. May God bless each of you as you remember the reason for the Christmas season. Rejoice and be glad! The Savior is born, died and rose again. A way has been made for us! Merry Christmas, Everyone!
God Bless ---Michael, Jackie, Josiah and Hailey
Hailey was sent this gorgeous tutu that she basically lives in by her aunt in TX. She enjoys flitting around and dancing like the sugar plum fairy to the Nutcracker. Her first dancing performance is tonight!

 We had a great time snowmobiling this past weekend. It was snowing hard on in the Blue Mountains and we had about 18 inches of snow to sled on. I forgot what hard work it is to snowmobile. We're all so sore, but it was worth it! Michael and I took turns driving/riding behind each other and the kids were happy to follow behind on the sled.
 Michael has never been on a snowmobile in his life. This is an older one he bought for $100 and has a very large turning radius and no reverse, but it ran good. Took him a few times of this kind of thing before he started getting the hang of turning around. He picked up on it real quick after having to muscle that bad boy around and off of this small, but mighty tree!
 Most kids make snowmen; Josiah makes snowsheep :) ...or snowlambs, or snowrams???
The Christmas activities have begun! I made my first wreath at the Old World Christmas Celebration that a local church put on. Hailey is showing off her hand-decorated sugar cookie.

We met up with some friends and Josiah had fun decorating his gingerbread man. Since it was an "Old World" theme, he wore his kilt. I love that he doesn't care what anyone thinks and is proud of his heritage.My mom and step-dad came with us to the celebration as well. We look forward to spending Christmas with them. 

Hope you are all have a wonderful start to your Christmas season! 

God Bless,


Camille said...

Beautiful post Jackie! May the LORD bless you this Christmas and always.


Grandma Becky said...

I enjoyed your Christmas letter post and photos. Fun times. Have a great Christmas season and many blessings from God to you and your family. Hugs!

Jill said...

Beautiful! Have a lovely week!


Anonymous said...

What a blessed family. I've loved getting to know you through blogging.

No wonder you and your sister are so beautiful, your mom is! :)

May this new year be one of peace, grace and mercy for your family.


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