Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Blessings

Christmas was especially meaningful this year after our close call Christmas Eve. We were all still really shaken but very grateful to be surrounded with the blessings of family. My poor mom even managed to play a few games and watch "Brave" with us as she drifted in and out due to her pain medicine. 

I thought I would post our favorite presents that we were blessed with from each other and from family and friends. Aunt Abby and Uncle Nathan gave Josiah a youth-sized chanter for learning to play bagpipes, along with a wonderful chanter case that Abby hand-made. Very thoughtful gift.

They also gave Hailey this beautiful blue dress. I can't wait to see this on her with her hair all done up pretty. Blue looks gorgeous with her red hair.

Josiah was so excited, he bought Hailey a pink toy rifle. She loves anything pink camo. As she was opening it, "She said "Whatever it is, I hope its pink!". She got her wish! Josiah bought one for himself and wrapped it up and put it under the tree so they could open it together and be able to play together. Cracked me up ;)

 Josiah was super jazzed to get this battery operated Nerf gun from one of our good friends.
Hailey was excited when she opened up her very own pink bow from those same friends. 

Josiah wanted this microscope set so bad and received it from his Nana and Papa. I love how animated my kids get when they open gifts.

Michael and I got Hailey a pink fishing pole that has lights that flash on it. 

Mom and Larry with some new carpentry tools. It'll be awhile before she's able to use these unfortunately. Mom did a great job of staying cheerful for the kids despite being in so much pain because of her broken collarbone from the accident the day before.

 I think this was Hailey's favorite gift. It is a hair and make up doll. You scored, Dad and Diana!
I wanted some cute rain boots and Michael did a great job picking out some pink plaid boots for me.

Michael received a small gun vault that can be located next to the bed so his handgun is handy, but not accessible to the kids.

I gave Michael some nice leather Highland Boots to go with his kilt. These will keep his legs warmer!

Mom and Larry gave Hailey this wonderful tea set that we have already put to good use.

She insisted on a Christmas Tea Party which Josiah is always game for.

Even Larry Pop joined in. What a good grandpa. Hailey is telling him he doesn't have to drink with his pinkie up because he is a man.

We found some Little House on the Prairie Paper Dolls for Hailey. It took me two hours to cut these out and she played with them for 5 minutes. Thankfully she just played with them again today. That made me feel little better after all my hard labor on her behalf, LOL

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I will soon be posting about our Hogmanay (Scottish New Year) Celebration, complete with homemade haggis. We try it tonight! I will let you all know how it was.

Happy New Year, Everyone!


Amy said...

OMGoodness!! Your kids have grown so much.

Me, Rooster, and peep were in a wreck about two weeks ago. TTL that we were all ok. Sore, but ok. But my car that isn't a year old yet is in need of repairs. Oh yes, the driver that caused the wreck didn't have insurance. Yippee, now we have to pay a deductable. Just what we needed.

Be well and have a wonderful New Year!

Camille said...

Happy New Year to you and yours my sweet friend. What a lot of lovely memories you have stored away from your Christmas...yes, even your Christmas Eve...the LORD is Good!!


Grandma Becky said...

Happy New Year. Glad you had a good Christmas in spite of dec 24. Good memories though. So glad your mom was a champ through it all and I will remember her in my prayers for her healing and comfort. I remember years ago, I dreaded Christmas when Phil had been out of work for a nearly a year. I was so close to not putting up the tree. But Justin insisted and even helped me, he was a freshman in high school,(homeschool). It was the best Christmas in years as many people made sure we had a good one! Amazing how God blesses His children, right? Hugs and take care!

Jill said...

Happy New Year! I am so thankful your family was not seriously injured in that accident. You are right so many blessings that day!
Wishing you lots of success, health and happiness in the New year!

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