Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dec Prairie Primer: "On The Shores of Silver Lake"

"On the Shores of Silver Lake" has kept us quite busy this Christmas season. Despite the crazy schedule, our co-op managed to squeeze in two meetings featuring some "Little House" Christmas activities. The kids are having a ball and are looking forward to seeing their friends each time we get together.

The main Christmas-related activity we did at our first Dec meeting was make wrapping paper by dipping yarn into paint and making stripes. 

Many of our families are of Scottish decent and therefore painted their tartan colors. I thought that was so cute.

I think the kids' favorite activity both meetings was the states and capital "Jeopardy-style" game. Not many had studied at the first meeting, but by the second meeting, there was fierce competition! It was a great way for them to learn and now I know them all, too.

Hailey flashed me a thumbs up after she got an answer right, which in turn gave her team points.

Our presentation for the first meeting was on the human eye, since we had just dissected a sheep's eyeball at home. Fun times ;)

We learned how to waltz and polka. 

The last meeting in December found me attempting to play a brand new Christmas carol out of the "Laura Ingalls Wilder Songbook" called "Merry, Merry Christmas!". I did OK the first two verses, then lost my place, got nervous and bombed the last verse. Of course I went home and played it perfectly. Oh well, we're all learning, including me :) I'm just glad to be playing again.

The trivia questions are always a big hit with the kids.

Our family did a presentation about buffalo wolves.

Making jingle bells.

Hailey's string of jingle bells.

We always have a potluck featuring foods eaten out of the book we are reading that month. It was quite the feast this month!

Starting at the top and going around clock-wise, we had duck (absolutely delicious), under it some buttermilk mashed potatoes, slow-cooked root veggies, homemade rolls, apple pie, canned peaches and mashed turnips. It was all amazing. 

My friends, Cora and Christine, looking lovely in their Christmas aprons.

After lunch or "dinner", we had a guest come by and teach us the "Virginia Reel". Since we had so many little  kids it was more like herding cats. But was still fun. I decided hoop skirts weren't ideal for dancing in a crowd. I was worried about knocking down small children. 

We even had a homeschool dad drop by and dance with his wife. What a guy!

Hailey and Josiah had fun dancing together.

Hailey and I in our hoop skirts. A good time was had by all.

Merry Christmas everyone!

God Bless,


Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

Wow, that looks like fun! You're making great memories with your kids and everything they're learning will really stick with them.

That's great that you play the violin. I used to play back in grade school, but I would be lost if I tried to do that today. Good for you for getting up there and doing that!

I love the wrapping paper idea! I think we'll try that.

Merry Christmas!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Looks like so much fun, Jack. Wish we lived closer!

Ellen said...

You & Hailey are adorable! I agree with Stacie...having a group like that would be such fun. We are still going through the primer though taking it slower.

RaD said...

These events look like so much fun! I'll bet your kids love it that you dress up with them every time.

I saw your comment about the price for your pictures on blogger. Unfortunately I must not have "gotten in" before the change. They want to charge $2 and something change per month. I know that is not a ton of money, but since I haven't been blogging regularly I didn't feel it was worth it. Besides, it's actually been easier posting off of photobucket. Ever since blogger switched to the new format I have had all sorts of problems getting my pictures the way I wanted them and quite often gave up posting because of it.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

A most blessed Christmas to you and yours, sweet friend!


Anonymous said...

I showed my daughter, Rebekah, your blog and she said, "Why can't we go to that coop?"

You moms do a great job with your kids. I'm always so impressed.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, tell Rebekah thank you and we wish you guys lived closer! It would be wonderful to have you guys join us. I still hope to meet you guys in person someday :)


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