Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Season Traditions

I'm determined not to let our Christmas Eve accident overshadow all the fun we had before that event took place. I wanted to do a little post about our busy, yet fun pre-Christmas weekend. We were able to go to the English Country Christmas Dance with my mom and step-dad. Mom's dancing days are over for awhile, what with her broken collarbone and all, so it was a good thing she had so much fun that night. We participated in a potluck and contra dancing as well as some English country dancing (the kind of dancing you see in Jane Austin movies). It was fun being in a full skirt, but my petticoat was causing a build up of static electricity and I would shock every dancer that came my way. I was an electrifying dancer that night!

Hailey was so excited because she got her very own tartan in our clan colors.   We gave it to her early so she could wear it that night. She is standing next to her artwork that she painted at the Art Center. She drew a pic of our family. Can you tell which one is her, LOL?
I made this fun centerpiece at MOPS out of fresh greenery and holly. It was a really easy craft and smelled sooo good!

In between all our activities, I snapped this pic of Josiah reading "The Long Winter" surrounded by an animated angel, a rapping reindeer and another reindeer in a jail cell because he ran over Grandma.

We made it out to the Living Nativity where "Clyde the Camel" greeted us. 

The Temple.

Mary and baby Jesus.

Josiah got to help card wool and then spin it in the Town of Bethlehem. My step-dad Larry, just gave us an antique spinning wheel. Michael needs to do a little repair to it and then I want to start learning how to spin my own yard.

The kids posed in front of the Christmas tree before their Christmas program at church.

Hailey is showing off the angel she bought at the AWANA's Spark's store with her Sparky bucks.

The church Christmas program was so cute. As you can guess our kids were hams. Not a shy bone in their bodies. 

The most impressive thing was that Josiah actually kept his hands to himself even though his little sister was standing right in front of him! I'm was so worried at first when I saw them standing next to each other, but he did so well and never pulled her curls once ;)

Hailey looked so cute singing her "oooo's", especially when she closed her eyes.

Singing the adorable Christmas song, "I'm Gonna Wrap Up Myself For Christmas".

It was fun to have my mom and step-dad, Larry, there as well as some of our really good friends there supporting our kids. What a fun weekend!


Camille said...

Beautiful my friend. So sorry you had such a terrible ending to your Christmas Eve outing...what a blessing that none of you were seriously injured! May the LORD bless you all this coming year. :)

With Love,

Grandma Becky said...

Great times to remember of Christmas in spite of the accident. The children are so adorable! Getting bigger all the time. God bless you all and may things go well in the coming new year. Hugs!

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