Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Desert Vacation Part 1

We got back late last night from a vacation that was wonderful and horrifying at the same time. I know, weird, huh? Well stayed tuned because it is going to take awhile for me to get through this Labor Day weekend. We went down to Alvord Desert (near the Oregon-Nevada border) last Thursday (a 9 hour drive with kids) to meet my mom and stepdad, Larry, at a family vacation spot. Our family has several acres and an old trailer we camp out of on Serrano Point, overlooking the huge, dry Alvord Lake bed. The first crazy thing that happened was pulling up next to my Uncle Dave (who lives in Christmas Valley with his wife, Jocelyn) who didn't recognize us at first, but did recognize my dad's 1970 racing dirt bike strapped in the back of our pick-up. Talk about crazy! Hadn't seen them in 18 months. We had a great time catching up and even snapped a few pictures. We made it to Serrano Point by about 6pm and had just enough time to ride down to the Alvord Hot Springs for a dip.

Michael and kids eating breakfast on Friday which started out to be a wonderful day. This is just part of the gorgeous view from the trailer. You can see Serrano Point and the Sheep's Head Mountains in the distance. The green part to the left is the edge of the dry lake bed.

Hailey is bringing Michael his not-so-hot coffee. She likes to take sips of his black coffee whenever he'll let her.

The crew, just before we took off for our fateful Mickey Hot Springs ride. Hailey rode with Larry in their little Vitara SUV and met us there as we went around the lake bed.
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Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

That is so weird that you met up with Uncle Dave and Jocelyn.

Hailey, yuck! Daddy's coffee is disgusting!

Cat said...

Wonderful pictures of a stunningly beautiful place! Your posts aren't connected; isn't that odd?


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