Sunday, September 13, 2009

Old Homestead; Desert Vacation Part 8

When we went for a ride with the kids, Serrano Springs is where we were headed. There is an old homestead right next to the springs. There was a no trespassing sign, which we normally would have heeded, however, we had forgotten to bring water. Michael thought I had it, and I thought he had it. Once again, lack of communication. You'd think we'd learn after our earlier experiences that weekend, wouldn't you? Anyway, we decided to got ahead and trespass just long enough to show the kids the broken down cabin with sod walls (as you can see in this picture) and to get a drink from the head of the spring.

I was a little nervous about drinking out of this spring, but we were really thirsty by this point. Michael found the source where the water was coming out of the ground and it looked really clear. So we decided to take a chance.

See how clear and clean the water is. Incidentally, none of us got sick. We drank and got off the property quickly to eat our lunch.

What a beautiful little oasis. I remember visiting this place a long time ago and there were some huge great horned owls in the trees you see behind Hailey. The were fascinating. I was hoping to show Josiah, but they were gone.
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Brenda said...

I have really enjoyed reading about your adventure! I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your mom, though. I'm glad she is doing well. Please give Josiah a big high-five for being such a responsible young man! You must be one proud Mama (and Papa)! :}

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Will, do. Thanks, Brenda! I'm very proud of my little man-child.


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