Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Desert Vacation Part 2

We got to Mickey Hot Springs without any problems. Kids had to hold on to our hands the whole time because the water is extremely hot and footing unstable. Looks like something you might see at Yellowstone National Park. Just beautiful. We always enjoying looking for arrowheads around here. Hailey is in love with Michael's Camelback water system. We didn't have to worry about her getting dehydrated!

Our family exploring Mickey Hot Springs.

We rode up the rode another 7 miles to the Artesian well. A tiny oasis in the middle of nowhere. I think that is the thing I love about the desert the most is that it makes me appreciate the little things like running, cold, clean water and green vegetation. I'm on the 250 Honda that I remember my grandpa riding when he taught me to ride when I was 14 years old. I love this bike! Josiah was riding behind Mom on her 200.

Michael (yes, he strapped up his helmet when it was time to take off) on my Dad's old 1970 Honda 250 racing bike. It was in pieces in my Mom's garage for years and he took over a year to restore it. He was having problems with the fuel filter, so it was acting up that day. He got it fixed later and it ran like a top.
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Cat said...

So sweet to see your little girl with her big daddy. I'm worried about her getting sunburned, though; she never has a hat on.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Hailey won't wear a hat very long, so sunblock is our friend (for both kids)!


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