Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Desert Vacation Part 3

The kids had a wonderful time at the Artesian well. Larry followed us down in their SUV with Hailey and brought a ice chest (which turned out to be a very handy thing later in the day) and we had a picnic lunch at the well. Hailey was much more interested in playing in the water than eating. Josiah found a black widow spider that we chased away.

Josiah enjoyed drinking straight from the well. The water just bubbled up from the pipe and overflowed into the tractor tire and out onto the ground.

Hailey takes every opportunity to soak her forehead. She was in heaven! It was hot that day.

Here's Mom drinking from the well. Notice her beautiful ankles!
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RaD said...

You're torturing me with these short posts, but I understand that sometimes it's a time factor. I am glad to know that your mom is safe and sound now that the weekend of "terror" is over. Oops! Hope I didn't give anything away for other blog readers.

Cat said...

For some reason my blog didn't update me on your latest posts. So I'm sorry not to have seen these pics until now, not to have known the full story until now. I thought it was odd to have posted a number 4 first. Oh well. It DOES look like you had a great time!


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