Monday, September 21, 2009

WWII Birthday Party, Part 2

So we started off the party by giving everyone treat bags. In the treat bags, there was a squirt gun, a water soaker grenade and dog tags. We even threw in a Hershey's bar and a stick of gum just like what WWII soldiers were given on the front. We kicked off the party with a squirt gun/water soaker grenade fight. Praise God the rain held off for the party. It was just warm enough for water fights.

Then we moved on to an all out assault using water balloon grenades.

It was nice because even the little ones could enjoy these water fights. The big kids did very well not getting too rough with the little ones. I love our big backyard. It works great for "wars".
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Cat said...

What great fun. I'm so glad I know you and what goes on with you and your kidlettes!


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