Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last Minute Fun; Desert Vacation: Part 9

When we got back from the hot springs soak, Michael worked on repairing the deck. Hailey was his little helper. She'd hand him tools and help wherever she could. It was so cute. He is unbelievable patient with her. Good shot of the Pueblo Mts. behind them.

Just before the sun went down we finally had a chance to fly the kite that Josiah got in his stocking last Christmas. It is a bald eagle and it really looks just like one when it is flying in the air. You can see a good shot of the edge of the dry lake bed in this picture.

Hailey got to fly her first kite. Hers was a hawk. The wind picked up here, so we didn't get to fly kites for very long. The wind is so strong, it'll destroy a cheap kite really quickly if you aren't careful. Michael and Josiah got to do a little target practicing as you can see by the targets set up. Great place for it!

Here is a picture of the trailer. The rats and mice had a one too many a good time in this place when it is locked up for the winter, so my mom and step-dad have had to basically gut it, take out all the carpet, bedding and furniture and lay linoleum which is easy to clean. You have to set traps every night inside the trailer and on the deck to keep them out of there even while you are sleeping in the trailer. They've got steel-wool stuffed everywhere to try to keep them out, but they are wily little devils. We caught 1 huge rat and one mouse while we were there. Mom and Larry caught a whole family of rats before we even got there. I'm so grateful that they have figured out a way to use the trailer despite the rat problem. It gets so windy around there that tent camping is impossible. You really need some place to get out of the wind. Anyway, here is a picture of the trailer, all buttoned up for the winter, overlooking Alvord Lake Bed. It is a gorgeous view from here. I took this picture just before we left for home. Thanks to all of you who hung in there for nine whole posts of our trip. I just really wanted to show you the beauty that can be found in the desert. Just like what God sees in us. Good-by, Alvord. God-willing, we'll get to visit you next year.
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Connie said...

It has been fun to read your posts about your desert vacation. I feel very isolated and deserted in the desert - unless I am safely traveling through the desert.

So glad your family had so much fun! You shared a lot of natural beauty with us. Thanks.

Cat said...

I've been there and near there, so it is familiar to me, but always enjoy seeing it again. I LOVE the desert, Jackie, so thank you for showing us this place along with your family.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

The deck and trailer look great! Oh, the rats, I just couldn't stand it. I'm so glad you like to go there! Not my bag... I'd rather go to Heppner!

The sky looks so lovely and huge.

I'm so glad you were able to target practice and fly your kite. I still have our kite and I need to take the kids to the church to fly it. They would love to do something like that. It's been so long since I've flown a kite I'm not even sure how to do it!

RaD said...

Awww.. Com'on it's fun to read long posts cuz' that just means that you really enjoyed yourselves and you're not allowed to feel guilty about that!

christy rose said...

I loved reading every post about your trip. thanks for sharing it.
Hope your mom is recovering quickly.


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