Monday, December 7, 2009

More Pendleton Christmas Parade Pictures

The Pendleton Christmas Carriage Parade is a non-mechanized, horses/mules-only parade. There were lots of people riding horses and driving horses/mules. It was twice as big as last year, so it must be catching on. This is its third year. The parade was started off by the famous Happy Canyon horse and rider carrying the American flag.

This entry always takes the cake. The Grinch is the driver and in front you've got the Grinch's dog "pulling" the wagon. I think this is such a clever entry!

The kids always love the miniature horses. I thought this tiny buggy was adorable.

The draft horses had their bells on in full glory. They sounded very festive. I thought this pair were especially majestic.

Hope you've all enjoyed seeing these pictures. Going to try to catch up with my blogging this week.

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Cat said...

I lived in Pendleton for several years, and MY favorite part of that particular parade was the Cowboy Band. I mean, HOW do you play a trumpet or a trombone while riding????? They were great and my favorites.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

They didn't have to Cowboy band in the Christmas parade, everybody's playing fingers would probably turn blue, but I agree with you. It is absolutely facinating to watch! The horses look like they are all on their last legs.

Connie said...

Would love to hear those sleigh bells! Wow, what a beautiful set.

T said...

Hi :) Not sure if you remember me, my old blog was ( Made From Scratch) I had to close that one after I got hacked, so I have set up a new one on blogger, I enjoy your blog and reading about your family adventures :)

RaD said...

How fun! I do miss that about living in the smaller areas. I'm told we have parades around here, but I guess I just never know when they are.

Catherine Anne said...

Thanks great! I love this time of year. I came over to ck into some of your meds. We have a cold moving in and wanted to see what all you have posted. I have a few of my own we use. But I love learning more about naturals...

Tina said...

Looks like such a fun parade! Thanks for sharing the pics. :)
In His lvoe,


Stopping by to say Hi. Have a great day:)


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