Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trying Eel for the First Time

Stacie took us to a really good Japanese restaurant in Seaside. Lette ordered a sushi platter. She ate the raw fish while I tried some (barely cooked) eel. I really wanted to try it so I could tell Michael how brave I was (he's really into trying weird foods). I have to admit it was good, but a weird texture. The sauce was tasty, though. I think I would do better with it next time. Thanks for letting me try it, Lette! Stacie

Stacie enjoyed getting my reaction on camera. Of course, she didn't try it! Actually, we went to a seafood market and she about hurled when she walked in and took one smell of the place. Poor thing. She had to smell seafood the whole way home. Not good when she's 14 weeks along and already can't stand seafood. Thanks for putting up with us, Stace!

Paulette at Cannon Beach

Stacie invited Paulette and I to Cannon Beach for a Women's Retreat. We had a fabulous time! I had the pleasure of watch Lette as she got to see the ocean for the first time since coming to America (I believe 12 years ago) from Samoa. She was taking it all in with such appreciation. God blessed us with a beautiful weekend. This was the cloudiest day, the rest of the weekend was sunny, gorgeous, and best of all - no wind on the beach!

Lette, having fun feeling the sand between her fingers and toes once again.
She told me she wanted to find a whole sand dollar and just as I was telling her how hard it is to find one that isn't broken, she reaches down and picks one up. Unbelievable! God just kept showing her is love and favor over and over that weekend. It was so fun having her come with us!

Just a few more Civil War Reenactment Pictures

This is my nephew, Josh. He's obsessed with Civil War history/reenacting. He had blue prints of the reenactments he wanted to do. We were also celebrating his 10th birthday.

We were short of soldiers, so Larry (bless his heart) volunteered for one battle. He was quite dramatic. Of course, the kids loved it!
Another cute one of Hailey eating a biscuit.

Even More Civil War Birthday photos

Here are the boys lined up for a salute just before cutting the cake.

I love this picture of Grandpa and Regina. They are sure in love! It was great having them at the party.
They boys are doing their regimental line ups (just like at the real reenactments).
Here is a cute one of Hailey eating her biscuit. The dress couldn't have been more perfect!
Here's a great one of Michael. Diana took all these pictures. She does such a great job.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Civil War Birthday Pictures

Mom brought a hand-cranked ice cream maker and the kids helped make homemade vanilla ice cream. Thanks for dressing up, Mom! I know it was hot to be in a black dress, but you looked great. Doesn't Hailey look cute in her little dress?

Jessica was part of the nurse corps and also took on the responsibility of cooking meals for the the Yankee camp. She would haul the wounded off the field, patch them up and serve them a good meal.

The boys ended each of their reenactments with a little hand to hand combat. This is the aftermath of a bayonet charge.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Civil War Birthday Party

We had a great time putting on a kid's Civil War reenactment for Josiah, Marcus and Josh's birthday (their birthdays are all within 8 days of each other). Stacie and Marcus put together this battle on the cake.

Marcus (Billy Yank) and Josh (Johnny Reb) were immensely helpful with planning and orchestrating the reenactments. I was too busy to take pictures, so I'll be posting more when I get some more pictures from the grandparents.
Here's a great picture of Josiah in all his Civil War regalia. He's a Yankee sharpshooter. Michael sewed the haversacks for each of the kids and we stuffed them with jerky, fruit leather, goober peas (unshelled peanuts) and patriotic stickers. They were a hit! My friend Colette and her family gave Josiah the replica of a Yankee canteen. He's never been so hydrated! He loves that thing and brings it everywhere we go.

Westward Ho Parade - Pendleton Round-up

Stacie and three eldest kids (Josh, Marcus, Jessica), Josiah and Hailey, Mom and Larry, Grandma and Mom's friend, Sharon, all wait for the parade to begin (Michael took the picture). The Westward Ho Parade is a completely non-mechanized parade. Everything is either horse drawn/ridden or by foot. It is wonderfully long and absolutely fascinating! It was so fun watching it with Stacie and the kids.

Michael had the privilege of riding "shotgun" with my Grandpa who drove a chuck wagon through the parade with his halflinger (sp?) horses. It is Michael dream to own a set of halflinger mules to drive.
Here's a couple of pictures of the chuck wagon with Regina following behind on her horse, Feather. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any shots as they were approaching.

After the parade, Grandma enjoyed teaching Hailey how to rock on Mom's front porch.
I love this one of Hailey with a rose. She loved playing with that thing!
Here is a picture of Tabitha and Ryan about ready to cut the cake. she was a gorgeous bride! The cakes were delicious, each a different flavor.

Crystal enjoyed giving Hailey a Whitesell hair-do.
I love this picture of Tabitha and David dancing the Father/Daughter dance.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Tab and Crystal.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cave in the Desert

This is the opening to the Malheur Cave. We stopped here on the way to Crystal Crane Hot Springs. Legend has it that the Bannocks made war on a Piute Indian tribe and the Piutes hid out in this cave. The Bannocks laid siege to the cave and eventually the Piutes were starved out. The cave is really big.

Josiah standing in the mouth of the cave.
We could walk in about 2/3 of a mile before the cave became filled with water. It was pitch black, and the camera didn't pick up the water behind us.

Misc Pictures of Us at Alvord Desert

I actually let Hailey get really dirty. It was a big step for me, but I did it. She had a ball!

This is us at Mickey Hot Springs. It is an all natural hotsprings that hasn't been developed. We had to really hold on to the kids because it is so hot it is dangerous. A long time ago, our dog put his paws in and it blistered them instantly. So we were very careful.

Larry Pop and Josiah had great fun looking for horny toads. Josiah was thrilled when they caught one. Larry is so knowledgeable about wildlife. He taught Josiah all kinds of interesting facts about horny toads.

Swimming/Soaking In The Many Desert Hot Springs

Inside tub at Alvord Hot Springs

Outside tub at Alvord Hot Springs. It is so beautiful! When it was time to leave, Hailey would throw a tissy. She loved being in the warm water.

Swimming at Crystal Crane Hot Springs on the way back home.

Josiah gives Mom a kiss in the Alvord Hot Springs

Dirt Bikin' at Alvord Desert

To the left, Mom takes Josiah for a ride.

Above, picked wild fruit at the Miner's Ochard

We are taking in the gorgeous scenery at the Agate Mines. There were wild horses below us. We founds some agates to put on my Grandpa and Carl's (friend of the family) graves. To the right, Mom takes off with Josiah for his first dirt bike ride down to Alvord Hot Springs were we all took an evening dip to wash the dust off before bed. I forgot how much I love the desert! It was so much fun returning after not having been able to go for the past 7 years because of pregnancies, deployments, etc. It was the first time Michael has been down there since before we were married (over 13 years ago). I was so pleased that both he and the kids seemed to love it as much as I do. We are going to try to start taking a trip down there once a year.


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