Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Covenant Prayer for My Marriage

Enjoying the snow days we've been having around here. Hope everybody has managed to get through this stormy weather safely.

Been going to a wonderful women's bible study where we are doing Kay Arthur's "Covenant" study. It has been amazing. I thought I knew all about God's covenant with me, but I really only understood it at a very basic, surface level. His enemies are literally my enemies, and His friends mine. My enemies are His enemies and my friends are His friends. Jesus covers me like the robe that Jonathon gave David when he broke covenant with him. It makes me more confident in who I am as a believer. That God truly has my back at all times. That He NEVER breaks His promises. I can fully trust Him.

It also talks a lot about marriage being a covenant,not a contract. After going through the covenant marriage week of study, Kay encouraged us to write a prayer for my marriage. I decided to post it on my blog as my husband's birthday/Valentine's Day gift:

A Covenant Prayer for My Marriage:

Lord Almighty,
You alone have saved this marriage. I give YOU all the glory for it. Thank you that my children are living in an intact home where the security of the covenant between their mom and dad keeps them secure and will serve as an anchor as they grow up. Help our marriage (the good and the bad) serve as an example and testimony to YOUR faithfulness and mercy in our lives. May our children see us growing stronger in our covenant every day. God protect us from Satan's arrows. Let them glance off us as if he were merely throwing toothpicks. YOUR ways and YOUR will are stronger than anything he can throw at us. Continue to bring us together solidly as we discipline, train and guide our children so that YOUR covenant will be passed to the next generation. Thank YOU for all YOU have done to save this marriage from our own foolishness and help us to thrive not just survive. Empower us through YOUR SPIRIT to do the hard work it takes to keep us in a good place, serving one another always. 

Your Loving and Grateful Servant,
Jackie (I can't wait to know what my new name is in heaven)

I challenge you to write your own Covenant Prayer for your marriage. If you feel comfortable post it and leave me a comment so I can read it on your blog. If you are reading this from Facebook, you can post it in your status. What a way to honor your God and Savior AND your spouse at the same time.

God Bless,


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